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Live html compiler – PHP

Live HTML compiler using PHP is very simple one like as w3schools editor. In here we are going to run the textarea code in the iframe.Main difference from w3schools try editor,the w3schools try editor used asp.net but, here PHP with iframe is used.Visitors are need to edit their code for …

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Rounded Image with CSS Shadows

Hi friends, This article shows “Rounded Image with CSS Shadows”. Any rectangular image into a circular one with drop shadows and borders without editing the original images. In here, simple replace the background-image URL in the DIV with your own image. Perfect for display the author photos in your blog’s …

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Search and replace text in Vim

Describe the basic fundamental uses of the text substitution inside the Vim editor. When you want a specific text(search) to be replaced with another text in the entire file, then you can use the following sequence: (1) Replace with information: :%s/search/replace/gc (2) Without Confirmation: :%s/search/replace/g (3) Replace only in the …

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JQuery for Mobile App Development

Hi Guys, Here I share one useful and helpful information related to “JQuery for Mobile App Development”. JQuery mobile is a touch-friendly Web UI development framework that is used to develop mobile web applications that work across smartphones and tablets. The jquery mobile framework builds on top of the jquery …

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How to make Blinking the text/button/div in html5 and Javascript

The blinker() function helps to blink text/div/button etc.. Set the fadein and fadeout time in blinker(). Also set the timeinterval. Blinking code <button class=”blink_me” >This will blink </button> <script src=”http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.9.1.js”></script> <script> function blinker() { $(‘.blink_me’).fadeOut(500); $(‘.blink_me’).fadeIn(500); } setInterval(blinker,1000); </script>

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CSS Button Style

Hi all, Here i share related to CSS button style. CSS helps different style and effect on HTML button.Create nice buttons that work purely using CSS, and that are cross-browser compatible. That means that they do not use images at all, and they should format nicely in almost any browser.Below …

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Use the ‘Up’ arrow key to search through the bash command history

You can enable the ‘Up’ arrow of your keyboard to search through commands that you have used in the past, on the terminal. Just type the initial few letters of the desired command and press ‘Up’ arrow, and you will get the commands that start with the letters you have …

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Center Image in div with overflow hidden

Here’s a simple CSS in HTML solution to have fullscreen backgrounds vertical and horizzontal centering respective image, image overflow hidden.Here you can center the image horizontally by adding a negative margin and left portion. If you want to you can also center the image vertically by adding a negative margin …

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Simple Textarea text Counter using AngularJS

This little and useful, textarea character counter using Javascript ang AngularJS. Here is one of the simple method use the textarea counter. This is useful to limited character field in forms.This demonstrates using AngularJS for a live character count input. The <html> element is the container of the AngularJS application …

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