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Tips to Pick the Best Domain for Your Blog

Hi all, In this article provide some useful information related to tips to pick the best domain for your blog. Selecting the right domain name for your blog is an essential step to success your blog. Keywords Keywords is an important role in a domain. In the domain name, the …

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How to copy one table data into another table using Mysql Query?

Hi friends, Today I’m going to tell you “how to copy table values from one database table values to another database table using MYSQL.” We can easly copy the one table values to another table in same database. This is easy and this purpose is used in allproject. But in …

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SQL Query Interview Questions with Answers

Hi all, Today I share one important topic related to SQL. SQL query is very important. This article mainly focus sql query related to interview questions and answer. In this article, I am giving some examples of SQL queries with answer which is frequently asked when you go for a …

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mysql_close() function:PHP

To close an open MySQl connection in php, the mysql_close()helps to perform this function. The mysql_close() function is not the necessary part in our program. In non-persistent open links are automatically closed at the end of the script’s execution. Syntax mysql_close(connection) Example [crayon-63928f37b969e334116641/] Output : connected successfully at:26/07/10 : 09:31:14 …

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Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

Hi Guys, Today we are discuss one important topic related to HTTP and HTTPS. Everyone heard this HTTP and HTTPS. Most address begins with http, means hyper text transfer protocol. Call address on address bar then the address http automatically redirect to https, nobody knows what happens there. HTTPS is …

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