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Remove page or post title in some pages – WordPress

Hi all, Today I ask you, related to hiding wordpress page title of one single page. “Is it possible to remove the title of one single page without using a plugin?” Yes, We can hide the page title without using plugin or jquery.Today we are discussing one important topic related …

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Best PHP Security Libraries for Developers

Hi Friends, Here I share some useful information related to php security libraries for web developers. The PHP is very popular language. We can create static and dynamic web site using php. The PHP also support content management system like WordPress. All PHP web developers aware some PHP Security Libraries.Here …

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Best PHP Tools for Analyzing and Parsing PHP Code

Hi Friends, Today one important topic for web developers related to PHP tools for analyzing and parsing. Somany tools are available in PHP for developers. PHP language designed for web development purpose because it’s a sever side scripting language. And it is also used as a general purpose programming language. …

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PHP Tools for developers

Hi all, Today one important topic for web developers related to PHP tools. Somany tools are available in PHP for developers. The web developers fully aware with latest tools and tecnology. The clients needs and requirements are very important in web developers. PHP is one of the open source server …

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Cool PHP Libraries

Hi Friends, Here I share some useful information related to php library for developers. Amoung the programmers the PHP is very popular language. It is a powerful web development scripting languages. It helps to develope dynamic website and static web site too. All web developers used this language to develope dynamic …

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Virtual Tour 360 Degree – HTML,JQuery

Hi Friends, Here I share one important topic related to “virtual tour”. One day I think about, how to implement the virtual tour techniques into our projects like resort,college web site, university web site etc. I search somany article and software related to these ideas. Now its important in web …

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PHP Date and Time Functions

The time and date functions allow you to get the date and time from the server where your PHP script runs. You can then use the date/time functions to format the date and time in several ways. Function Description checkdate() Validates a Gregorian date date_add() Adds an amount of days, …

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Responsive Bootstrap Template With Image Slider- HTML

Hi Guys, Responsive templates are commonly used web developers. The main advantages of site is: the site is responsive and bootstrap. The HTML5 and CSS3 templates have different functionality and more advantages of HTML5 and CSS3. These are popular in web designers and developers. The hTML5 also provide great features …

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Retrieve the current post title – WordPress

Hi, Now I discuss how to retrieve or fetch the current post title in wordpress. We can display the title in wordpress pages or we can put it on the banner images with heading. In wordpress, many inbuilt functions are provided for different operations. For fetch the current post title, …

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