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Remove page or post title in some pages – WordPress

Hi all,
Today I ask you, related to hiding wordpress page title of one single page. “Is it possible to remove the title of one single page without using a plugin?”
Yes, We can hide the page title without using plugin or jquery.Today we are discussing one important topic related to wordpress page title. The WordPress is a Content Management System(CMS).

I am using one wordpress theme and I would like to hide the page title from some pages like contact us,home, about us etc. Hide the page title or post tile in some condition or some web pages.
There are two methods are available for solving this problem.

Method 1: Use conditional tags and edit your theme files

You can use this method for solving this problem. Edit the theme file like below:

Description:This says: For pages that do not have the slug Contact Us, about, display the title. The is_page(); is a inbuilt function in wordpress. It will return true if an empty value is passed.

Method2: Hide title via CSS

The CSS method is very simple and easy can understand, hide the title in our some web pages in wordpress theme. There are some steps are available for hiding operations:

Step 1 – Find the Title Class Name

First we find the title class name. Find the name of the classs associated with your title tag.

Example:Contact Us

Step 2 – Find the Page or Post ID

Find the page id or post id associated with your title tag. Find the id, for hiding.

Step 3 – Insert Code into Stylesheet

Insert the hiding code into stylesheet. In wordpress, edit the style.css
(Appearance > Editor > Stylesheet – style.css)
.page-id-18 .entry-title {display: none;}
#post-17 .entry-title {display: none;}


Hide the Title only on Posts

.type-post .entry-title {display: none;}

Hide the Title only on Pages

.type-page .entry-title {display: none;}

Hide Title only on a Specific Page

.page-id-18 .entry-title {display: none;}

Hide Title only on a Specific Post

.post-id-18 .entry-title {display: none;}

Add CSS to Hide that Title

.entry-title {display: none;}

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Best PHP Tools for Analyzing and Parsing PHP Code

Hi Friends,
Today one important topic for web developers related to PHP tools for analyzing and parsing. Somany tools are available in PHP for developers. PHP language designed for web development purpose because it’s a sever side scripting language. And it is also used as a general purpose programming language. PHP is one of the powerful and most popular coding language among web programmers.

In here, I’ll share you some of the best php tools related to analyzing and parsing PHP code.. The best PHP tools for analyzing and parsing php code are:

    • PHPMD
    • PHPCPD
    • Parsedown

    • PHPCheckStyle
    • Php Sandbox
    • PHP Markdown
    • Sabberworm
    • PHP Analyzer
    • PHP Textile
    • PHP HTML Parser

1.PHPMD: The PHPMD is php tools for analyzing and parsing php code. We can easy to configure the PHPMD and also it’s a user-friendly. The PHPMD isfront-end for the raw metrics that PHP Depend measures. It mainly looks for potential problems in your code like possible bugs, suboptimal code, unused parameters, and more.


2.PHPCPD: The main purpose of PHPCPD is a copy or paste detector(CPD) for php code. If you have to work on a big project that’s been follows an old way of programming, then this PHPCPD tool to help you analyze code for avoid having repetitive functions or calls all over your code base. It’s very easy to setup and can analyze a project as big as WordPress content management system(CMS) in less than a minute.


PHPCPD is a Copy/Paste Detector (CPD) for PHP code.

3.Parsedown: Parsedown is a Markdown parser built with PHP to include in your apps. It’s fast and consistent, uses GitHub-flavored Markdown, and offers a Markdown Extra extension.


Patsedown is a better Markdown Parser in PHP.


4.PHPCheckStyle: The PHPCheckStyle is another php tools for analyzing and parsing PHP code. It’s an open source tools. It helps PHP programmers adhere to certain coding conventions. The tool first checks the input PHP source code then reports any violations against the given standards.The reports are easy to understand.


5.Php Sandbox:A full-scale PHP 5.3.2+ sandbox class that utilizes PHPParser to prevent sandboxed code from running unsafe code,It also utilizes FunctionParser to disassemble callables passed to the sandbox, so that PHP callables can also be run in sandboxes without first converting them into strings.


PHP Sandbox utilizes PHP-Parser to prevent sandboxed code from running unsafe code.

6.PHP Markdown: The PHP Markdown is a library package. It include the PHP markdown parser and also it sibling PHP markdown Extra with additional features.This tools mainly used web writers for text-to-Html conversion. By using the markdown there are many advantages are available. They are: its easy to write plain text format and also convert it to it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML).




8.PHP Analyzer:


9.PHP Textile:


10.PHP HTML Parser:


If anyone has doubts on this topic then please do let me know by leaving comments or send me an email.

PHP Tools for developers

Hi all,
Today one important topic for web developers related to PHP tools. Somany tools are available in PHP for developers. The web developers fully aware with latest tools and tecnology. The clients needs and requirements are very important in web developers.

PHP is one of the open source server scripting language. In here, I’ll share you some of the best php tools and needs that are transforming the way PHP developers how to building a web site..

  • CLImate
  • PHAP
  • Phred

  • Snappy
  • Php-sass
  • xmPP Error
  • Oh My ZSH
  • Simple Test

  • Phing
  • phpDocumenter 2
  • PHP Beautifier
  • Twig

1.CLImate: The CLImate helps you to easily output the colored text. It also helps special formatting. It provides the output to the terminal cleared and also debugging a lot simpler.


2.PHAP: PHAP helps you to write native mobile apps using PHP. It mainly used for functionality and HTML or CSS for UI


3.Phred: Phred is an open-source initiative aimed at providing PHP with a consistent, completely object-oriented coding standard that enjoys a comfortable API for creating modern-day web applications with native support for Unicode, with components for internationalization and localization, clear-cut fundamental data types focused on performance and reliability, enhanced testing and debugging, and other features.


4.Snappy: Snappy mainly used in PHP5. It used for snapshots or PDF generation from HTML page or URL.


5.Php-sass: Php-saaa is a pure php Sass to compiler.

6.xmPP Error: The XMPP/Jabber messages helps to reporting the lightweight PHP error and tracking tools.

  • It helps to Sending error messages of any level.The error message like any error, warning, notice etc.
  • Excluding certain error types or files from generating a message
  • Tracking of functions and their arguments or variables throughout the script to identify procedure paths taken and variable changes
  • Millisecond-timing of all steps
  • In-process errors from the start of the script until shutdown


7.Oh My ZSH: The Oh My ZSH is an open source tool for PHP web developers.


8.Simple Test: The simple test is the good automated testing solution. It allows developers to write unit test using familiar PHP syntax. For testing the simple test is user-friendly approach.

The Simple testis a unit-testing platform for PHP applications.


10.phpDocumenter 2: phpDocumenter 2 is one important tools in PHP for developers. This tools used to makes it possible to generate documentattion directly from your PHP source.

PHP DOCUMENTER is a documentation tool for your PHP source code. The main features are: output in PDF, HTML, XML DocBook and CHM formats, both a Web-based and command-line interface

11.PHP Beautifier:

PHP Beautifier is a PEAR package for “beautifying” and automatically formatting PHP 5 and PHP 4 source code.

12.Twig: Twig is another PHP tools for developers. Twig is a flexible for PHP. It helps secure and fast templating engine for PHP. The Twig allows the developer to define its own custom tags.


Twig is flexible, secure, fast and modern templates engine for PHP. This allows the developer to define its own custom filters and tags , and create its own DSL.

If anyone has doubts on this topic then please do let me know by leaving comments or send me an email.

Cool PHP Libraries

Hi Friends,

Here I share some useful information related to php library for developers. Amoung the programmers the PHP is very popular language. It is a powerful web development scripting languages.
It helps to develope dynamic website and static web site too. All web developers used this language to develope dynamic website. In the web market.

There are so many web development languages are available. We need to consider all the parameters like performance, security,functionality etc while selecting the best web development language.
PHP is the powerful web development language and also they support good PHP libraries.

The PHP libraries helps to web developers to reduce the coding time. Following some PHP libraries which are useful to web developers.

  • Whoop
  • Underscore
  • Alice
  • Buzz

  • PHP-PasswordLib
  • Ratchet
  • Parody
  • Upload
  • Snappy
  • PHPgeo
  • PChart

  • Dispatch
  • Services_JSON
  • phpAES
  • Hoa
  • Mink
  • Faker

1.Whoops :Whoops helps to deal with error and exception in very simple way. It’s a small library.

2.Underscore : The ‘underscore’ helps to enhance the underscore functionality. Basically underscore.php is a PHP port of the popular Underscore.js library. It requires PHP 5.3 or greater version.



__::each(array(1, 2, 3), function($num) { echo $num . ','; }); // 1,2,3,

$multiplier = 2;
__::each(array(1, 2, 3), function($num, $index) use ($multiplier) {
  echo $index . '=' . ($num * $multiplier) . ',';
// prints: 0=2,1=4,2=6,

__::reduce(array(1, 2, 3), function($memo, $num) { return $memo + $num; }, 0); // 6

__::find(array(1, 2, 3, 4), function($num) { return $num % 2 === 0; }); // 2

__::filter(array(1, 2, 3, 4), function($num) { return $num % 2 === 0; }); // array(2, 4)

3.Alice:The alice provides you a few essential tools to make it very easy to generate complex data. It’svery easily understood,readable and easy to edit as well. This also provides you to create a dummy data for testing your project or developing purpose.


4.Buzz:The ‘buzz’helps to handling HTTP requests. Buzz is a lightweight PHP 5.3 library.



$request = new Buzz\Message\Request('HEAD', '/', '');
$response = new Buzz\Message\Response();

$client = new Buzz\Client\FileGetContents();
$client->send($request, $response);

echo $request;
echo $response;

5.PHP-PasswordLib : PHP-PasswordLib library helps to fulfil all the essential cryptographic needs. Alnd also save you from Hacker.

6.Ratchet: This library provides tools to create real time, bi-directional applications between clients and servers over Web Sockets.


7.Parody: Its very simple li in PHP. It helps to create copy of classes and objects as well as provide working results for method calls, getting properties, instantiating objects, etc. Also ‘parody’provides you to create sequential method chaining to make defining class structures and operation extremely quick.

8.Upload: This library helps to simplifies file validation and uploading.


9.Snappy: It’s a PHP5 library allowing thumbnail, snapshot or PDF generation from a URL or a html page.


10.PHPgeo: This helps to provides abstractions to geographical coordinates and allows you to calculate geographical distances between coordinates with high precision. This is useful library to map the appropriate geographical distance of place.


11.PChart:PChart helps to generate text data in the form of a visual chart. It’s a impressivePHP library. The text data can de displayedin the form of visual chart like bar charts, pie charts etc. By using SQL queries it helps to creating amazing charts and graphs in PHP script.

12.PHP CAPTCHA:The PHP captcha provides automated audio and visual captchas.

13.DispatchDispatch is a simple PHP library. The main disadvantage of dispatch is that: it doesnot provide full MVC setup.

		include 'dispatch.php';// include the library
		// define your routes
			get('/greet', function () {
		// render a view
		// post handler
			post('/greet', function () {
			$name = from($_POST, 'name');
		// render a view while passing some locals
			render('greet-show', array('name' => $name));
		// serve your site

14.Services_JSON:It helps to allow transmission og=f human readable data

15.phpAES:phpAES is a class implementation PHP code that supports encryption cipher of 128, 192, and 256 bit AES.

.16.Hoa:The Hoa is a modular, extensible and structured set of PHP libraries.


17.Mink:The mink is another PHP library. It helps you test your web apps interacts with browser properly

18.Faker:Fake is another PHP library, it provides fake data for you.

		// require the Faker autoloader
		require_once '/path/to/Faker/src/autoload.php';

		// use the factory to create a Faker\Generator instance
		$faker = Faker\Factory::create();

		// generate data by accessing properties
		echo $faker->name; // 'Lucy Cechtelar';

		echo $faker->address;
		// "426 Jordy Lodge
		// Cartwrightshire, SC 88120-6700"

		echo $faker->text;
		// Sint velit eveniet. Rerum atque repellat voluptatem quia ...

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Virtual Tour 360 Degree – HTML,JQuery

Hi Friends,
Here I share one important topic related to “virtual tour”. One day I think about, how to implement the virtual tour techniques into our projects like resort,college web site, university web site etc.
I search somany article and software related to these ideas. Now its important in web development. We can implement this into our web site. Now a day, these techniques implemented in somany website like resort, hospital, college, university , game development etc.

We get the clear picture about related area with simple motion effect. Its very helpful and we can add many advantages to “virtual tour” mechanism.

Virtual tour is a lightweight jQuery plugin for creating a 360 degree image viewer with auto play after clicking the arrow. We can move to left or right using arrow controls. Also support stop the virtual tour motion.


Table Of Contents

  • HTML
  • JQuery
  • CSS


Create the HTML for virtual tour

Atelier du sculpteur


Include jQuery library and the jQuery plugin in your Html page


Call the plugin on the container you just created and embed a 360 degree image using ‘img’ option.



Include CSS file for appearance and styling


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PHP Date and Time Functions

The time and date functions allow you to get the date and time from the server where your PHP script runs. You can then use the date/time functions to format the date and time in several ways.

Function Description
checkdate() Validates a Gregorian date
date_add() Adds an amount of days, months, years, hours, minutes and seconds to a date
date_create_from_format() Returns a new DateTime object formatted according to the specified format
date_create() Returns new DateTime object
date_date_set() Sets a new date
date_default_timezone_get() Returns the default timezone used by all date/time functions in a script
date_default_timezone_set() Sets the default timezone used by all date/time functions in a script
date_diff() Returns the difference between two dates
date_format() Returns a date formatted according to a specified format
date_get_last_errors() Returns the warnings and errors found while parsing a date/time string
date_interval_create_from_date_string() Sets up a DateInterval from the relative parts of the string
date_interval_format() Formats the interval
date_isodate_set() Set a date according to the ISO 8601 standard
date_modify() Modifies the timestamp
date_offset_get() Returns the timezone offset
date_parse_from_format() Returns an associative array with detailed info about given date formatted according to the specified format
date_parse() Returns associative array with detailed info about a specified date
date_sub() Subtracts an amount of days, months, years, hours, minutes and seconds from a date
date_sun_info() Returns an array with information about sunset/sunrise and twilight begin/end for a specified day and location
date_sunrise() Returns time of sunrise for a given day and location
date_sunset() Returns time of sunset for a given day and location
date_time_set() Sets the time
date_timestamp_get() Returns the Unix timestamp representing the date
date_timestamp_set() Sets the date and time based on an Unix timestamp
date_timezone_get() Return time zone relative to given DateTime
date_timezone_set() Sets the time zone for the DateTime object
date() Formats a local date and time
getdate() Returns date/time information of the timestamp or the current local date/time
gettimeofday() Returns the current time
gmdate() Formats a GMT/UTC date and time
gmmktime() Get Unix timestamp for a GMT date
gmstrftime() Formats a GMT/UTC date and time according to locale settings
idate() Formats a local time/date as integer
localtime() Returns the local time
microtime() Return the current Unix timestamp with microseconds
mktime() Returns the Unix timestamp for a date
strftime() Formats a local time/date according to locale settings
strptime() Parses a time/date generated with strftime()
strtotime() Parses an English textual datetime into a Unix timestamp
time() Returns the current time as a Unix timestamp
timezone_abbreviations_list() Returns associative array containing dst, offset and the timezone name
timezone_identifiers_list() Returns an indexed array containing all defined timezone identifiers
timezone_location_get() Returns the location information for a specified timezone
timezone_name_from_abbr() Returns the timezone name from abbreviation
timezone_name_get() Returns the name of the timezone
timezone_offset_get() Returns the timezone offset from GMT
timezone_open() Creates new DateTimeZone object
timezone_transitions_get() Returns all transitions for the timezone
timezone_version_get() Returns the current version of the timezonedb

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Responsive Bootstrap Template With Image Slider- HTML

Hi Guys,
Responsive templates are commonly used web developers. The main advantages of site is: the site is responsive and bootstrap. The HTML5 and CSS3 templates have different functionality and more advantages of HTML5 and CSS3. These are popular in web designers and developers. The hTML5 also provide great features to create animation on web instead of slider animation and flash animation.


Responsive web page gives, the site a professional feeling and allows youto focus the user’s attention.The responsive theme website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment


  • User Friendly
  • Fully Responsive
  • Responsive Navigation Menu
  • Navigation Menu With Dropdown

  • Responsive Image slider with partially visible next and previous images
  • Connect With Social Media Icons like: facebook, twitter, google plus etc
  • Menu Scrolling available
  • Google Map API provide in Get in Touch Section

The responsive website theme, websites that look great on any mobile device.


Download Code


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Retrieve the current post title – WordPress

Now I discuss how to retrieve or fetch the current post title in wordpress. We can display the title in wordpress pages or we can put it on the banner images with heading.

In wordpress, many inbuilt functions are provided for different operations. For fetch the current post title, the wordpress support get_the_title(), the_title(), get_the_title_rss() inbuilt functions provided.

get_the_title(): Used for get the current post title.

the_title(); Used for get current post title

get_the_title_rss():Used for get the current post title. This is mainly used , if we specify the html tag like sub,sup etc in wordpress post or page title.
The get_the_title() and the_title() fetch whatever we enter in title. But we use the get_the_title_rss() the html tag convert and returns the correct output.

Source Code

	';       endif;



In the above example the SUBSTAINABILITY is the current post title. This post title display in banner image

If anyone has doubts on this topic then please do let me know by leaving comments or send me an email.