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Securing MySQL Server

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The MySQL server is widely used in the open source world, whether it’s for the financial data of SMBs or mission-critical ERP system.. This is due to its great performance and compatibility. However, it is also plagued with security challenges, just like any open source database solutions.
The MySQL architecture is based on a typical database enginee model. It consist of a storage manager, query processing enginee, the authentication enginee and client connectors at its core. The database engine accepts SQL query requests, executes them and returns data to the querying computer.
Securing MySQL, post-installation

Harden the operating system: The correct way to secure a database server starts with hardening the OS on which is installed. The security documentation for your distro can be followed to ensure a healthy OS installation, but do ensure that the following important aspects are taken care of:

  • Set up an iptables firewall
  • Disable unnecessary services
  • Ensure a strong password policy.
  • Install anti-virus and anti-spam software.
  • Update to the latest security patch level.

Set chroot: Once installed, the MySQL service should be configured to be chrooted. This is essential to restrict the MySQL services jurisdiction in terms of mounted disk volumn usage, and to ensure privilege separations for database applications and the query engine.

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Dynamic Drop down menu – Angular JS

In this article, explain how to use select box using angular js in php or html page.
AngularJS is a javascript framework. To implement this application, first include jquery files like <script src=””></script>

Table Of Content

  1. HTML
  2. Javascript

The HTML and Angular JS helps to perform dropdown menu.
We can implement static and dynamic drop down in our web page with different method likes: html, php, jquery, ajax and javascript.
But here I explain how to implement how to implement dynamic dropdown menu with angular js

Full Code

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