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Fetch all dates between two dates – PHP

When build an event in a calender; we want to fetch all dates between the date using php. Store the dates into a php variable fromdate and todate. Then we can fetch all dates between these fromdate and todate using for loop in php. [crayon-638ceb49bebcf896481436/] The output is: 2017-12-01 2017-12-02 …

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Finding the number of days between two dates – PHP

Good Morning to all, Finding the number of days between two dates is very useful and very important in day to day activity. Its very used in developers for like leave request because we select the date range and stored to database. From the selected data: from date and to …

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Download the table content to pdf -PHP

Hi all, After some weeks I came with one important topic, it is very useful to developers. Because nowadays, fetch the table content or html content to pdf and then download the pdf file; its very common in real world. This topic is already discuss; here I use different method …

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