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Load Average on Linux and Unix-like Systems Explained

Hello, I know you are all familiar with load checking commands, we have many options to display the load average on the screen. I thought of explaining how the system calculates this load or load average. The logic is very simple and this is really good to know. [google-translator] We …

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How to Install Webmin on CentOS/RHEL 7/6/5 – Linux

Hi all, Installing Webmin on CentOS is very easy. We have already gone through the steps for installing Webmin control panel on Ubuntu servers. Webmin can be installed on a server having CentOS in two ways. Both methods are easy and will note take much time from your busy schedule. …

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List addon domains, parked domains and sub domains via command line – cPanel

Hello all, I was struggling to get the details of a domain from my WHM control panel as it did not list the domain name I searched under the “list accounts” option. In the dig result I found the account hosted on the same server. Situations like this can come …

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How To Fix CVE-2016-1531Vulnerability – cPanel Server

Hello all, Please do read the article and save your server from the latest known CVE-2016-1531 exim vulnerability. Overview CVE-2016-1531 is most recent vulnerability reported by Exim on March 2, 2016. It affects all versions of the mail transfer agent. We all know that exim is the default MTA (Mail …

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How To Install ImageMagick on a cPanel server

Hello everyone, If you are not having more idea about “ImageMagick” I will tell you something really basic about it. We will take the installation steps after that. ImageMagick is nothing but a software suite or package that can be used to manipulate bitmap images. The image manipulation can be …

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How To Install PHP Soap on CentOS 6 VPS

Hello folks,I am not going to write a lot in this article, I will just explain how can we install PHP-Soap on a CentOS installed VPS (Virtual Private Server) or any server that you have with CentOS as the operating system. Let’s just check what is actually SOAP, definitely not …

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Shell Script To Prevent Symlink Attack on cPanel Servers

Greeting from Nixlinux, I really need to share this information with you guys as I got scared last week about an issue reported by my close friend, he was working on a shared server and he was actually studying about symlinks, just for a fun he thought to run a …

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