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Most Frequently Asked Questions by WordPress Beginners

Good morning to all, Web development using wordpress content management system is very useful for developers to customize your site easily. In here all the levelof questions for beginners and advanced developers described. In this article, we will share most frequently asked questions by WordPress Beginners with answers. Question 1: …

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Difference Between mysql and mysqli

Hi all, Yesterday I attend the telephonic interview to web development post. The interviewer ask somany questions related to PHP, MYSQL, WordPress, JavaScript, jQuery etc. Almost every questions I answerd. But the interviewer ask one important question What is the Difference Between mysql and mysqli. I can’t give the correct …

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How to Get the URL of Images You Upload – WordPress

Hi all, In wordpress we can add the image in wordpress post or wordpress page. And in this article describe how to get the uploaded image url through wordpress dashboard. For this operation first login wordpress dashboard using wp username and password. How to get the url of image from …

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Difference Between Posts vs. Pages in WordPress

There are some key differences between pages and post in your WordPress sites. After install wordpress you’ll see two important items on your dashboard: Posts and Pages. What’s in a Page? Pages do not support tags or categories. Pages are static and are not listed by date. An About page, …

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How to Properly Uninstall a WordPress Plugin

Hi all, Today we discuss how to uninstall wordpres plugins using wordpress dashboard or wordpress admin area. Thousands of free and paid wordpress plugins are available. If you want to uninstall wordpress plugins first install wordpres plugin in ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory. You can easily install wordpress plugins into your sites. To …

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How to Install a WordPress Plugin – Step by Step for Beginners

Hi all, Today I share how to install wordpress plugin using different method. For install wordpress plugin first install wordpress in a directory. After install wordpress, the first thing every beginner needs to learn is how to install a WordPress theme. We can install wordpress theme through wordpress dashboard or …

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Multiple WordPress Installation Using a Single Database

Hi all, Here I explain how to install multiple wordpress in a single database. If you want multiple sites, multiple theme in one database. You must install WordPress manually in order for this to work. Most one click programs like Fantastic would not let you choose the prefix. Multiple Blogs …

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WordPress vs Static HTML – Which is the Best for Your Website

Hi all, We can develope website using static html or php or content management system like wordpress or php framework. Here I explain basic idea of wordpress, html, advantages and disadvantages of both. What is WordPress? WordPress is a very good script to create a simple website. The wordpress is …

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How to Add Categories and Subcategories to WordPress

Hi all, In this article, describe you how to add categories and sub-categories in WordPress. WordPress comes with the ability to sort your content into tags, categories and taxonomies. The major difference between tags and categories are: categories can have child categories or sub-categories. STEPS First, go to domainname/wp-admin(eg: http://prittytimes.com/wp-admin). …

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