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JavaScript Libraries for Building Interactive Map

Hi Friends, In prittytimes, most of the articles are related to web based application like javascript, jquery, html, php,css etc. Here I share article related to interactive maps using javascript. There are many javascript libraries are available JavaScript Libraries for Building Interactive Map.They are: amMap Turf.js Planetary.js Leaflet GMaps Kartograph …

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Best JavaScript Tools for Developers

Good morning Guys, Today we discuss one latest topic related to “Best JavaScript Tools for Developers.” JavaScript used for multiple purpose. It is used for web application and create interactive web sites. Using javascript into your application we can include many application into your project like speed up your application, …

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Voice Control JavaScript Libraries for Developers

In I share one useful and latest information related to “JavaScript”. The topic is Voice Control JavaScript Libraries for Developers. This library helps you to create voice command into your websites.Main five voice control javascript libraries for developers are described here. They are: annyang.js Voix.js Voice-Commands.js JuliusJS PocketSphinx.js 1.annyang.js The …

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JavaScript Libraries for Creating Circular Charts

Good Morning to all, Today we discuss one different topic related to “JavaScript libraries for creating circular charts”. Almost every web application uses charts to represent the data in visualize. It provides the information user-friendly. The main advantages of using JavaScript charts are: interactivity, retina display and multiple chart types …

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Image Cropping using Entropy – PHP

Cropping or resizes the images are very common scenario for most websites. This technique is used for create the thumbs in web sites. Cropping Using Traditional Techniques First, assume that we want to use below photo of a man holding a camera in our website. Now let’s also assume that …

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Top Responsive Web Design Testing Tools

Hi all, We are discuss related to Responsive web design testing tools. The critical part of the responsive web design development procedure is Web design testing tools. The main goal of using a responsive layout is to make the website work properly on any type of devices and look good, …

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PHP Video Sharing Scripts for Developers

Hi Friends, Today we discuss one important topic related to PHP Video Sharing Scripts for Developers. In here i list of ten PHP video sharing script for developers. Following video scripts allow you fast and easy video display, upload videos and music, list generator. Let’s explore more about these PHP …

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Best PHP Frameworks for Developers

Hi all Today we are discuss one useful topic related to php framework and its usage. PHP is the most popular open source language for developers. The proper PHP FRAMEWORK helps to developers to develope php application effectively and quickly. There are different types of frameworks are available. There are …

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Remove page or post title in some pages – WordPress

Hi all, Today I ask you, related to hiding wordpress page title of one single page. “Is it possible to remove the title of one single page without using a plugin?” Yes, We can hide the page title without using plugin or jquery.Today we are discussing one important topic related …

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