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AngularJS Tables

In the HTML, the tables are the one of the common elements when working with web page. Tables in HTML are designed using the HTML tag. <table> tag – This is the main tag used for displaying the table. <tr> – This tag is used for segregating the rows within …

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AngularJS Filters

Filters can be added in AngularJS to format data. Filters are used to change modify the data. Following is the list of commonly used filters. Sr.No. Name Description 1 uppercase converts a text to upper case text. 2 lowercase converts a text to lower case text. 3 currency formats text …

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AngularJS Expression

Angularjs expressions are used to bind the data to html.The angularjs expressions are written inside {{ expression }} . It also written inside a directive like ng-bind=”expression”. AngularJS expressions are much like JavaScript expressions. They can contain literals, operators, and variables. Eg: {{ 15 + 15 }} or {{ firstName …

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AngularJS – MVC Architecture

MVC or Model View Controller; it is a software design pattern for developing web application. The MVC contain three parts. They are: Model View Controller MVC is popular because it isolates the application logic from the user interface layer and supports separation of concerns. In the MVC controller accept all …

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Export HTML Table Data to Excel using JavaScript

In the web application export the data to excel is very useful method used to php or html. This feature helps to download the data list as a file format for offline use. We use to export the data to excel format. We can easily develope this application by helping …

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How to Solve #1045 Error in phpMyAdmin

We Successfully instal WAMP server in localhost for programing, but after installing WAMP server we tryping to access the phpMyAdmin you may encounter the error: #1045 Access Denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES). This may happen if you provided a wrong password or if your root@localhost database user was …

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How to move all files in a folder to another – PHP

How to move or backup all files from folder to another location using php. Its very useful to backup data from specified files. We can move or copy files from one to another for future purpose. Full Code [crayon-60a426627d22b185954560/] From The above code; the files are datas/results/ and from these …

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Convert The Amount to Word in PHP

Hi Guys, Convert the amount or current to words is very important in fees invoice or bank payment details in php. Here I describe how to convert amount to words in a simple method. [crayon-60a426627d4bb124557398/] OUTPUT one lakh nine thousand Rupees Shop Related Products

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How to Get Last Row From mysql

Hi Friends, How to find out the last row data from database. It’s very useful to developers. Suppose our table has different field and multiple row values exist. We find the last values from database for some purpose like find the last row values id or something like this. Syntax …

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