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Center Image in div with overflow hidden

Here’s a simple CSS in HTML solution to have fullscreen backgrounds vertical and horizzontal centering respective image, image overflow hidden.Here you can center the image horizontally by adding a negative margin and left portion. If you want to you can also center the image vertically by adding a negative margin …

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Simple Textarea text Counter using AngularJS

This little and useful, textarea character counter using Javascript ang AngularJS. Here is one of the simple method use the textarea counter. This is useful to limited character field in forms.This demonstrates using AngularJS for a live character count input. The <html> element is the container of the AngularJS application …

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Start programs or scripts at system bootup

The script /etc/rc.local is to be used by the systems administrator. It is executed after all the normal system services has been started. Administrators can use it to get the summary of the server(like memory status, hardware status, and others). The reports can be sent to personal mail ID. The …

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Find and remove duplicate file

It is a very common requirement to remove duplicate file. If you have a large collection of file, then finding and removing such duplicate file will be a tedious task. But this is where GNU/Linux makes the difference- it provides the ‘fdupes’ utility, which finds duplicate files by comparing their …

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Bouncing Balls with CSS3 and HTML

Hi friends! Today we are going to see another great example of how to use the CSS3 and HTML in bouncing balls effects. Table of Content The HTML The CSS THE HTML Use very basic html concept. For bouncing ball we use two important div are used like ‘wrapper’ and …

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How to switch between directories efficiently

Working on the Linux command line means switching between a lot of directories. Suppose you are in Directory ‘A’ and then move to Directory ‘B’. When you want to come back to Directory ‘A’, typing the complete directory path for ‘A’ can be cumbersome sometimes. Here’s a simple trick for …

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Mounting a remote file system with ssh.

Although running the scp or ssh command is very command is very convenient, mounting the remote servers filesystem on the local system has solved many problems for me. Here is how this can be done. To mount the remote filesystem to a local Linux workstation, you need to install the …

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Delete image in a folder and database Using PHP

Everybody know how to delete the content like datas and images from database using php code. But nobody try to delete the image from folder also. The following code will explain how to delete the data from database and folder using unlink command in php and wordpress page. <?php> $slot=$_GET[‘cat’]; …

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PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, is a general-purpose scripting language that was originally designed for web development. This helps to produce dynamic web pages. It generally runs on a web server , can be embedded into HTM. Php scripting always starts with . and PHP scripting block can be placed anywhere in …

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