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Best PHP Frameworks for Developers

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Today we are discuss one useful topic related to php framework and its usage. PHP is the most popular open source language for developers. The proper PHP FRAMEWORK helps to developers to develope php application effectively and quickly.

There are different types of frameworks are available. There are the top five PHP frameworks that are based on the MVC design pattern.

The framework helps you to develop your application easier.

  • Yii Framework
  • Cake PHP
  • Zend Framework

  • Symfony
  • Laravel

1.Yii Framework

Yii framework is the secure, fast and professional PHP framework. Yii is a high performance component based PHP framework. It’s help for developing large scale web application.

Yii Framework Development Services

Yii follows OOPS concept. Yii Framework is perfect and ideal for developing social networking websites reduces development time. Yii integrated with jQuery

Yii features

  1. It follows MVC design pattern
  2. Designed to work well with third-party code.
  3. Automatic code generations

  4. Error handling and logging
  5. Ajax enabled widgets are supported.
  6. Yii is simple but powerful application framework.

For developing social networking websites the Yii framework is ideal and perfect. It helps to reduces development time significantly.

2. Cake PHP

The Cake PHP is another popular PHP framework. It can be consider as a rapid development framework.

cake php

The main goal of cake php is to provide a structured framework that enables PHP users at all levels

Cake PHP features

  1. Follows MVC pattern.
  2. Zero configurations
  3. Easily extend with plugins

3.Zend Framework

Zend is an open source framework. Zend Framework is focused on building more reliable, secure, and modern Web applications & web services.


Send Framework features

  1. All components are fully object oriented
  2. It support multiple database system

4. Symfony

The symfony is a High Performance PHP Framework. Symfony is one of the web application framework. It follows MVC architecture. It’s a free framework


Symfony Features:

  1. Easy to install and configure
  2. Easy to extend
  3. Database engine-independent
  4. Simple to use

Symfony provides a set of reusable and stand-alone php components.

5. Laravel

This framework for Web Artisans. Laravel is a clean framework for php web development. Laravel is well readable and well-documented that helps you speed up your coding.
Laravel helps you to create wounderful application.


Laravel Features:

  1. It Support Unit testing.
  2. Controller Method Injection
  3. Route Hidden
  4. Route Middleware
  5. It support Single Responsibility Pattern: That means, it follows MVC architecture. Also it separates each component of a web application into an isolated code

  6. It promotes the DRY principle.
  7. Laravel support Unit testing

Laravel is new PHP framework. Laravel has many features that make rapid application development possible.


The PHP framework helps, make speed development possible and it also provide well-organized, maintainable and reusable.

Please tell us your favorite in the comment section below!

If anyone has doubts on this topic then please do let me know by leaving comments or send me an email.

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