Best PHP Tools for Analyzing and Parsing PHP Code

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Today one important topic for web developers related to PHP tools for analyzing and parsing. Somany tools are available in PHP for developers. PHP language designed for web development purpose because it’s a sever side scripting language. And it is also used as a general purpose programming language. PHP is one of the powerful and most popular coding language among web programmers.

In here, I’ll share you some of the best php tools related to analyzing and parsing PHP code.. The best PHP tools for analyzing and parsing php code are:

    • PHPMD
    • PHPCPD
    • Parsedown

    • PHPCheckStyle
    • Php Sandbox
    • PHP Markdown
    • Sabberworm
    • PHP Analyzer
    • PHP Textile
    • PHP HTML Parser

1.PHPMD: The PHPMD is php tools for analyzing and parsing php code. We can easy to configure the PHPMD and also it’s a user-friendly. The PHPMD isfront-end for the raw metrics that PHP Depend measures. It mainly looks for potential problems in your code like possible bugs, suboptimal code, unused parameters, and more.


2.PHPCPD: The main purpose of PHPCPD is a copy or paste detector(CPD) for php code. If you have to work on a big project that’s been follows an old way of programming, then this PHPCPD tool to help you analyze code for avoid having repetitive functions or calls all over your code base. It’s very easy to setup and can analyze a project as big as WordPress content management system(CMS) in less than a minute.


PHPCPD is a Copy/Paste Detector (CPD) for PHP code.

3.Parsedown: Parsedown is a Markdown parser built with PHP to include in your apps. It’s fast and consistent, uses GitHub-flavored Markdown, and offers a Markdown Extra extension.


Patsedown is a better Markdown Parser in PHP.


4.PHPCheckStyle: The PHPCheckStyle is another php tools for analyzing and parsing PHP code. It’s an open source tools. It helps PHP programmers adhere to certain coding conventions. The tool first checks the input PHP source code then reports any violations against the given standards.The reports are easy to understand.


5.Php Sandbox:A full-scale PHP 5.3.2+ sandbox class that utilizes PHPParser to prevent sandboxed code from running unsafe code,It also utilizes FunctionParser to disassemble callables passed to the sandbox, so that PHP callables can also be run in sandboxes without first converting them into strings.


PHP Sandbox utilizes PHP-Parser to prevent sandboxed code from running unsafe code.

6.PHP Markdown: The PHP Markdown is a library package. It include the PHP markdown parser and also it sibling PHP markdown Extra with additional features.This tools mainly used web writers for text-to-Html conversion. By using the markdown there are many advantages are available. They are: its easy to write plain text format and also convert it to it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML).




8.PHP Analyzer:


9.PHP Textile:


10.PHP HTML Parser:


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