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Removing Database and User – MYSQL

In this post, we will discuss detailed information based on how to delete MySQL usernames and MySQL databases from your hosting account. Removing Privileged User from a database If you would like to remove a privileged user. We remove user privileged from a database. This you can easy develope and …

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How to Manually Reset Your WordPress Admin Password

Hi all, If you are unable to reset your WordPress admin password using the “Forgot My Password” link, follow these steps in order to manually reset your password. More Details I’m going to divide WordPress password recovery into two parts: recovering it using phpMyAdmin (if you’re on localhost using WAMP/XAMPP/MAMP) …

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WordPress Database Backup Manually

Hi all, The wordpress database backup manually without using wordpress plugin is very simple, easy to undestand and useful to web developers. Do you want know how to develope or making this operation? . Knowing the manual method allows you to quickly create a database backup whenever you need it. …

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Create mysql database – Cpanel

Hi Friends, Here we discuss, how to create mysql database in cpanel. All are familure with database and user creation in localhost using XAMP or WAMP. In cpanel, database and user creation is different. It’s very important for developing the web site and other useful applications. Following seven step helps …

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WordPress Redirect Https To Http With Htaccess

Hi all, Nobody know how to redirect a https: request to http:// using .htaccess in wordpress, today I share some information related to this problem. You can redirect all website pages from https to http. It will be redirect only when you open the page with https. First write your …

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