Block IPs from sending you email cPanel

In this article I’m explaining how to block certain IP addresses from sending you email. Even with spam filtering enabled you could possibly be continuing to get spam email from one particular IP address, or even a range of IP addresses. Using user level or account level mail filtering in …

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Catch-all-Email address or Set/Change a Default Email Address cPanel

The default email address is the one to which all e-mails addressed to the domain name are routed to, that is even if we mistakenly entered the Email account at a domain, the default mail option will forward the Email to the default Email address.It is also called catch-all-Email address. …

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Set maximum number of mails per hour cpanel

We can set or limit the maximum number of email that can be sent out from the server. It helps in many way and also a security measure if you manage a shared server. The changes can be made for all the domains (accounts) hosted in the server or you …

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Some useful Exim Commands

Here are some commonly used useful Exim commands.exim -bp  - shows messages in queue exim -bpc - shows the no.of messages in queue exim -bP  - shows the current configurations of exim exim -bV  - shows the version and configuration file of exim exiwhat   - Finding out what Exim processes …

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