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What is a database? What is SQL?

What is a Database? A database is a collection of data or information. Databases make data management easy. Databases support manipulation and storage of data. The database can easily be managed, accessed and updated. The databases can be classified based on types of content: full-text, bibliographic, numeric, and images. What …

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Difference Between MySQL vs MySQLi in PHP

Hi all, There are too many differences between these MYSQL and MYSQLi PHP database extensions. These differences are based upon some factors like features, performance, benefits, library functions and others. The “i” in mysqli stands for “improved”. The “mysqli” extension is an improvement over the old “mysql” extension. MYSQLi MYSQL …

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Hi Guys, This SQL article explain how to use the SQL HAVING clause with example and syntax. Mainly the SQL HAVING clause is used in combination with the GROUP BY clause to restrict the groups of returned rows to only those whose the condition is TRUE. Syntax SELECT exp1, exp2, …

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How to Delete Data from MySQL with Confirmation in PHP

Good Moring to all, All are familure with how to delete data from databse using php page. But nobody try to develope delete data from mysql database with confirmation. In here, now we discuss how to delete data from mysql database with confirmation in PHP.. We solve this problem with …

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Data Insert Into MySQL Database – PHP

Hi all, In here, I will show you to how to insert data into mysql database from php page. Table Of Content Create Database Create Table HTML Form HTML Style Create Database In here, the database is create for performing insert operation. Create database and name it whatever you want. …

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Difference between DELETE, TRUNCATE and DROP commands

Good Morning to all, In here, I share the article related to delete, truncated and drop command. We cover basic concept of these three command, syntax, simple example in this post. DELETE If you want to remove the rows from a table the DELETE command helps to perform this operations. …

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Secure Login page using PHP and MYSQL based on user role

Hi Guys, Here I explain how to develope secure login page based on user role like different types of user using PHP. First you create the registration form. After register your name into database then we can develope login page with PHP and MYSQL. You have created your registration.php page …

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Nested or Sub-queries Practice Questions with Answers

Hi Guys, Today we discuss mysql sub-queries questions with answers. Sql queries are useful and used in web application development connected with database tables. We can fetch the data from database, insert the data to database, update the existing data in a database table and also delete the data or …

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How to access database like MySQL using PHP

In this article shows PHP functions are available to connect to a MySQL database PHP Data Object (PDO) and odbc_connect function. PHP has a rich collection of built in functions for manipulating MySQL databases. The mysqli_connect function is used to connect to a MySQL database server. [crayon-5d094f26843d9755679400/] OR [crayon-5d094f26843e2856336318/] Code …

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