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Server side scripting

Services command line options

Restarting the services that run on the server is one of the common tasks, the services includes Apache, mail, ftp etc. The related service must be restarted to get the changes to take effect if changes are made to any of them. There arise situations at times where the services …

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Load Average on Linux and Unix-like Systems Explained

Hello, I know you are all familiar with load checking commands, we have many options to display the load average on the screen. I thought of explaining how the system calculates this load or load average. The logic is very simple and this is really good to know. [google-translator] We …

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How to Install Webmin on CentOS/RHEL 7/6/5 – Linux

Hi all, Installing Webmin on CentOS is very easy. We have already gone through the steps for installing Webmin control panel on Ubuntu servers. Webmin can be installed on a server having CentOS in two ways. Both methods are easy and will note take much time from your busy schedule. …

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How To Install ImageMagick on a cPanel server

Hello everyone, If you are not having more idea about “ImageMagick” I will tell you something really basic about it. We will take the installation steps after that. ImageMagick is nothing but a software suite or package that can be used to manipulate bitmap images. The image manipulation can be …

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Shell Script To Prevent Symlink Attack on cPanel Servers

Greeting from Nixlinux, I really need to share this information with you guys as I got scared last week about an issue reported by my close friend, he was working on a shared server and he was actually studying about symlinks, just for a fun he thought to run a …

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Install Logwatch and Log analyzer – Linux

Hi all, The log files help us to get information about the activities taking place on a server. The Logwatch is a management tool for analyzing and reporting on a server’s log files. It can be used to send information to the system administrator about the log activity as mentioned …

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Add PHP handler – URL issues with website

Hi friends, Sometimes when we access a URL, it gets downloaded to the local machine where it not meant to be. In such scenarios, you can check the PHP handlers that mentioned in the .htaccess file of your problematic site. First you must know what’s a PHP handler, please continue …

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Install iftop command CentOS

The iftop command helps us to monitor the server by providing frequently-updated list of network connections to the server. The connections are normally ordered by bandwidth usage. It listens to the network traffic and displays the bandwidth usage by hosts. The installation steps of iftop command are shown below. IFTOP Pre-requisite …

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Find number of connections from an IP to the server Linux

When a client machine connects to a server via network, a connection is established and opened on the system. The load on the server goes high as the number of connections to the server are high, the number can be in thousands. It also help in finding out and get …

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