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Add PHP handler – URL issues with website

Hi friends, Sometimes when we access a URL, it gets downloaded to the local machine where it not meant to be. In such scenarios, you can check the PHP handlers that mentioned in the .htaccess file of your problematic site. First you must know what’s a PHP handler, please continue reading before going to the… Read More »

Install iftop command CentOS

The iftop command helps us to monitor the server by providing frequently-updated list of network connections to the server. The connections are normally ordered by bandwidth usage. It listens to the network traffic and displays the bandwidth usage by hosts. The installation steps of iftop command are shown below. IFTOP Pre-requisite libpcap : module provides a user-level… Read More »

Cron Job Linux

About Cron: The Linux Cron Job is a utility that can be used to execute or shedule a particular taskin the background at a specific time/date on an on-going basis. It is very helpful to get done the tasks automatically at the background and also time saving. Linux Crontab Format MINMinute field 0 to 59… Read More »

Change Hostname Linux

Hi all, if you want to change the hostname of your server/under linux operating system, you can follow the steps pasted below. There are networking programs such as sendmal, apache servers etc use hostname to identify the machine. The hostname command can be used to change or modify the hostname of a machine, it is… Read More »