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How To Install PHP Soap on CentOS 6 VPS

Hello folks,I am not going to write a lot in this article, I will just explain how can we install PHP-Soap on a CentOS installed VPS (Virtual Private Server) or any server that you have with CentOS as the operating system. Let’s just check what is actually SOAP, definitely not the one that we use… Read More »

AngularJS Dependency Injection

The dependency injection (DI) in angularjs is an important application design pattern. The dependency injection implements inversion of control for resolving dependencies and also it is a software design pattern. AngularJS provides a supreme dependency injection mechanism. AngularJS contains the following core types of objects and components: Value Factory Service Provider Constant Value The value… Read More »

AngularJS – Services

The service will helps to fetch data from the database when to share the data between controllers. If we store the data inside a controller, once we change to another controller the data will be discarded. AngularJS has 30 built in services. Types of Services in AngularJS Built-in Services: The angularjs has inbuilt services. That’s… Read More »

AngularJS – Views

Via multiple views on a single page the angularjs supports single page application. To do this AngularJS has provided ng-view and ng-template directives and $routeProvider services. ng-view ng-view tag simply creates a place holder where a corresponding view (html or ng-template view) can be placed based on the configuration.The ng-view is the directive that angular… Read More »

AngularJS – Includes

The HTML does not support to include the client side code from the other files. Consider the example, if you want to develope the application for numberic operations. If we define or write the functionality in a separate files; that separate files can re-used across multiple application where we want. For performing this application we… Read More »