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Count Number of Files in a Directory / Folder – PHP

Hi Guys, Today I share some useful topic related to two inbuilt function s in php for count number of files in php. The functions are: glob(() count() Here’s a simple code of PHP code to get the total number of files in a directory using the glob() and count() …

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Simple Textarea text Counter using AngularJS

This little and useful, textarea character counter using Javascript ang AngularJS. Here is one of the simple method use the textarea counter. This is useful to limited character field in forms.This demonstrates using AngularJS for a live character count input. The <html> element is the container of the AngularJS application …

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AngularJS – Reading JSON data

Hi Friends AngularJS service provide read the data from remote servers using $http. $http.get(url) is the function to use for reading server data. eg: <script> var app = angular.module(‘myApp’, []); app.controller(‘customersCtrl’, function($scope, $http) { $http.get(“http://www.prittytimes.com/angular/customers.php”) .success(function (response) {$scope.names = response.records;}); }); </script> AngularJS is quickly becoming the dominant JavaScript framework …

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AngularJS First Application

Hi all, Here I explain simple HelloWorld application using AngularJS. Before I start with creating actual HelloWorld application,let us see the actual parts of a AngularJS application.AngularJS application consists of three important parts they are: ng-app : This directive defines and links an AngularJS application to HTML. ng-model : This …

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AngularJS Controllers

AngularJS controllers tp control the flow of data in AngularJS applications.The ng-controller directive is used for defined controller.Its regular javascript object containing attributes/properties and functions. <div ng-app=”” ng-controller=”studentController”> … </div> studentController using ng-controller directive.Next step we’ll define the studentController as follows: <script> function studentController($scope) { $scope.student = { firstName: “Priya”, …

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AngularJS Directives

The AngularJs directive are helps/used to extend the html.To extended HTML attributes in AngularJs directives with prefix ng-. The ng-app directive used for initializes an AngularJS application. The ng-init directive used for initializes application data. The ng-model directive binds the value of HTML controls (input, select, textarea) to application data. …

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Advantages and Disadvantages of AngularJS

Advantages of AngularJS AngularJS provides capability to create Single Page Application in a very clean and maintainable way. AngularJS provides data binding capability to HTML thus giving user a rich and responsive experience AngularJS code is unit testable. AngularJS uses dependency injection and make use of separation of concerns. AngularJS …

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Getting data from database to angular js

Hi all, Today I would like to explain fetching the data from mysql database using PHP, like we do it in jQuery AJAX. For this first we have to create a PHP file. We can use the following code to fetch a data from database. We already have a database …

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Insert the data to MYSQL database on PHP page using AngularJS

Hi all, Today I would like to explain about inserting data to database using PHP, like we do it in jQuery AJAX. For this first we have to create a PHP file. We can use the following code to insert a data to database. We already have a database named …

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