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Difference between document.ready and window.onload or pageLoad

Hi all, Today we are discuss one important topic related to document.ready and window.onload or pageLoad. $(document).ready() If the DOM is ready, jQuery’s document.ready() method gets called The $(document).ready() function executes when HTML document is loaded and DOM is ready. It is jQuery specific event It is cross browser compactibility …

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Count Number of Files in a Directory / Folder – PHP

Hi Guys, Today I share some useful topic related to two inbuilt function s in php for count number of files in php. The functions are: glob(() count() Here’s a simple code of PHP code to get the total number of files in a directory using the glob() and count() …

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Geoloaction in form input type

Here I’m going to tell you interesting topic regarding google map application in web development. Most of the website need googlemap location while we are entering location name, for that we have one solution. Here I explain,when we are entering the location name in input type you will get the …

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Popup the image gallery with form

Hi Friends, Popup the image with enquiry form using CSS,jquery and javascript in html or php page. This is simple, can edit style, image,form etc.To use it in a real life project like ecommerce website, the customers can post feedbacks as comments in specified product.$(“.mylink”).on(“click”, function (e) { } helps …

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Drag and Drop Concept – Jquery

Hi all, Here I’m going to show you, how to implement drag and drop functionality using jquery. This drag and drop method mostly used for designing purpose.Drag the image from div and drop to specified div after successfully droped the success message box display otherwise fail alert box display. Here …

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Creating an Accordion – HTML, CSS & jQuery

Here jQuery accordion, built with HTML and CSS. Accordion toggle is the new style of toggle. Accordion is mostly using for FAQ and design features. This kind of toggle is make the web page as very attractive ,simple and include more content. Here HTML, CSS & jQuery for accordion. Table …

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Multiple Image Upload Preview before image uploading

Good Morning To all, This article provides you to simple description with example and source code based on Multiple Image Upload Preview before image uploading. Upload multiple image using html and also provide multiple image preview. When ever we are uploading image we need instant image preview, for that we …

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Live html compiler – PHP

Live HTML compiler using PHP is very simple one like as w3schools editor. In here we are going to run the textarea code in the iframe.Main difference from w3schools try editor,the w3schools try editor used but, here PHP with iframe is used.Visitors are need to edit their code for …

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JQuery for Mobile App Development

Hi Guys, Here I share one useful and helpful information related to “JQuery for Mobile App Development”. JQuery mobile is a touch-friendly Web UI development framework that is used to develop mobile web applications that work across smartphones and tablets. The jquery mobile framework builds on top of the jquery …

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