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Best Website Development Tips

Hi all, Today we discuss one useful topic related to how to increase web page or site ranking. You can get high rankings and increase web traffic to your site by doing the following tips. FOCUS ON MOBILE LOOK AT SEARCH ENGINE CHANGES CONSIDER A FLAT DESIGN INCREASED USE OF …

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Top Mozilla Firefox Addons for Web Developers

Hi all, Mozilla has definitely seen better days during its time, I’m of course relating to the recent issues it had with it’s CEO, and how that opened up the transparency of the company. In my eyes, it’s all media stuff, and it doesn’t affect me as much. I’m here …

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PHP GET and POST Method

In forms, information can be transferred and submitted to same or another page. We can submit the data through form. To submit the data through form, to helps GET and POST method to develope this operations. A form data can be submitted using these two methods. Both are used for …

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Top 10 Useful Firefox Developer Tools

Good Morning to all, Today I share topic related to Top 10 Useful Firefox Developer Tools. Firefox is one of the large used web browser. There are many tools and features are available in firefox. The users will have convenient moments while surfing the net. In here there are 10 …

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Best JavaScript Libraries for Developers

Hi all, Today we are discussing one important and lated topic for developers related to JavaScript Library. A JavaScript library is a library of pre-written JavaScript which allows for easier development of JavaScript-based applications, especially for AJAX and other web-centric technologies. The following JavaScript Libraries are useful almost every purpose …

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Best PHP Search Scripts for Developers

Hi Guys, If you are looking a website search tool or php search engine scripts for your web application projects, you are right place today. Today I share one article related to this purpose. The top PHP Search Scripts for Developers are: PHP Search Engine Live Search PHP Search Engine …

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Best JavaScript Debugging Tools

Good Morning to all, Here I share one useful article related to javascript debugging tools for developers and programmers. The best javascript tools are described delow. They are: Sublime Web Inspector Js Bin JavaScript Debug Theseus JS Hint Aardwolf Debug Vorlonjs jsdt Tutti Firebug 1. Sublime Web Inspector The sublime …

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jQuery Chat Plugins

In this article, shows top jquery chat plugins. The jquery chat plugins can easily integrated with your website and web applications. The top eight jquery chat plugins are described below. They are: Chatjs Pusher Chat JqChat chatSocketAchex Building a jQuery/PHP Powered Chat Room jChat – Ajax Chat/Messages System jQuery UI …

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JavaScript Libraries for Building Interactive Map

Hi Friends, In prittytimes, most of the articles are related to web based application like javascript, jquery, html, php,css etc. Here I share article related to interactive maps using javascript. There are many javascript libraries are available JavaScript Libraries for Building Interactive Map.They are: amMap Turf.js Planetary.js Leaflet GMaps Kartograph …

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