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Set Operation in SQL- UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT,MINUS operator

Hi Guys, Welcome to sql set operations. SQL support some set of operations to be performed on MYSQL tadabase table. These are used for getting meaningful results from table, based on different conditions. Union MySQL UNION operator to combine two or more SELECT statements into a single result set. UNION …

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Uses of session_id() in PHP

Hi all, In one of the recent web developer interview, one of them are ask to me “what are the uses of session_id() in php and what are the purpose.” Session_id() is one of the inbuilt function in PHP. The session_id() will be used to track existence of same user …

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Difference between document.ready and window.onload or pageLoad

Hi all, Today we are discuss one important topic related to document.ready and window.onload or pageLoad. $(document).ready() If the DOM is ready, jQuery’s document.ready() method gets called The $(document).ready() function executes when HTML document is loaded and DOM is ready. It is jQuery specific event It is cross browser compactibility …

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Retrieve the unique rows without using the DISTINCT keyword

Good Morning to all, We know the uses of DISTINCT keyword in SQL. Here I share some usesful information relates to “Retrieve the unique rows without using the DISTINCT keyword.” The DISTINCT keyword is used to return only distinct or different values. In table, the column may contain many duplicate …

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Concatenate two variables or strings – PHP

Hi Friends, The DOT(.) operator is used to concatenate two variable or string in PHP. The ‘.’ operator which returns the concatenation of its right and left string. eg: [crayon-5d094f3e42a03541504472/] And also ‘.=’ operator used append the arguments on the right side to the left side arguments. eg: [crayon-5d094f3e42a0e365551876/] Example …

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Reverse a string without built in functions – PHP

Hi all, Here I share one useful topic related to reverse a string without using inbuilt function. Reverse a string in PHP is very simple and easy understand. Also PHP provides inbuilt function to reverse a string. The ‘strrev()’ function helps to reverse the string in PHP. Eg: <?php echo …

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Multiselect Option – HTML

Hi all, We can implement multiselect option in pure HTMl using ‘multiple=”multiple” ‘ in select tag. This process or operations mainly used in web application like job site( skills,area, prefer work location etc), organization site etc. We can select multiple values from the menu. we can implement this by jquery …

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Redirect the page using Javascript – HTML or PHP

Hi Friends, We can redirect the current page to some other new page using Javascript in HTML or PHP page. The window.location object can be used to get the current page address to redirect new page. This operations performe in html page like on page load, onclick event etc. Here …

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SUM the table row values from mysql database – PHP

Here I’m going to discuss about, how to add the table row values using php and mysql. This concept is very simple, we can fetch the data from database add/sum the column values. The values are inserted into database and fetch the values from database, and find the sum values …

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