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An Introduction to SQL Data Types – PostgreSQL

Hi Friends, Everybody know that SQL is a structured Query Language is a computer language. It is used for storing, manipulating and retrieving data stored in relational databases. This article give you a basic idea about data types in PostgreSQL. SQL support standard language for relational database system. The all …

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Create mysql database – Cpanel

Hi Friends, Here we discuss, how to create mysql database in cpanel. All are familure with database and user creation in localhost using XAMP or WAMP. In cpanel, database and user creation is different. It’s very important for developing the web site and other useful applications. Following seven step helps …

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CSS Zoom Effect on Image Hover

Hi all Today we will discuss one interesting topic related to CSS code for creating zoom effect on image hover. In image hover there are many ways are available to add special effect. We can adding a zoom effect using CSS3 transition on image when the user hover the image. …

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Image With Shadow – CSS

Hi friends, Today I share one important topic related to CSS effect. Here I describe image box shadow using CSS3. Shadow is a powerful properties in CSS. CSS3 box-shadow properties allows you to create single or multiple, inner or outer drop-shadows. We can use these properties our site our needs. …

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SQL Query Interview Questions with Answers

Hi all, Today I share one important topic related to SQL. SQL query is very important. This article mainly focus sql query related to interview questions and answer. In this article, I am giving some examples of SQL queries with answer which is frequently asked when you go for a …

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WordPress Redirect Https To Http With Htaccess

Hi all, Nobody know how to redirect a https: request to http:// using .htaccess in wordpress, today I share some information related to this problem. You can redirect all website pages from https to http. It will be redirect only when you open the page with https. First write your …

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Save the particular div in PDF format onclick – Jquery

Here I’m going to discuss about how to save or download the particular div as in the PDF format onclick using jsPDF jquery file. This is very simple and most interesting useful tutorial I already showed you one tutorial to Save the HTML or PHP webpage as PDF using JAVASCRIPT …

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Reset Auto-Increment – MySQL

Good morning to all, Here I going to demonstrate how to reset auto-increment value in MySql. Assign to auto-increment attributes to a column of a table, to generate unique identity for the new row. If new row is inserted it incrementsthe value one. Whenever you insert a new row into …

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Difference Between PHP Include And Require

Hi friends, One of the common question amoung the beginers or freshers is what is the difference between include and require function. In this article describe what are the difference between these two. If you want to include the PHP file into another PHP file, before the server is execute. …

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