Change user password using command – Windows

Hi guys, we can change the user password very easy via the command prompt window in a Windows operating system. The command prompt (appears as a small black icon with name ‘cmd’) is a Microsoft-supplies command line interpreter that allows us to work in an environment that looks like more traditional operating system and it works in the lower level than the operating system and this is the major reason for its less user friendly interface.

Learning the Command Prompt also provides a gradual transition to Unix and Linux systems also. The steps included in changing the password for a user or administrator over the command prompt window are pasted below.

To launch Command Prompt select Start -> Run and type cmd in the box.

  1. Type in ‘net user‘ and hit enter, this will bring a list of user accounts in the system. You can now decide and select the user for which you have to change the password for.

2 .Type in ‘net user name_of_user *‘ in the window and then press enter button. Now it will ask for the new password for the user, type the password carefully and hit enter button. You may have to enter the password again to confirm it.

  1. The expected return message is ‘command completed successfully’.
  2. If you get any messages like ‘System error 5 has occurred’ or ‘access denied’ , then you may have to run the command prompt as administrator to change the password using this method.

You can run the ‘cmd’ as administrator by clicking on the right button on the mouse over the cmd icon  and select ‘run as administrator’ option from the drop-down list appears on the screen.

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