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Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

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Today we are discuss one important topic related to HTTP and HTTPS. Everyone heard this HTTP and HTTPS. Most address begins with http, means hyper text transfer protocol. Call address on address bar then the address http automatically redirect to https, nobody knows what happens there.
HTTPS is secure protocol, our address bar http change to https then we can say that our information is safe. The HTTP and HTTPS protocol helps to communicate with web sites.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)is used in networking. It is used by the world wide web. HTTP is called a stateless protocol, because each command is executed independently.

Secured Hypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTPS) is the combination of two different protocol(Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) and SSL/TLS protocol). It is the secure way to access the protocol.

HTTP(Hypertext Transfer Protocol) HTTPS(Secured Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
Is the mode of communication used in internet browsers where data transfers to and fro user and server. Is a secured mode of communication where data transfer happens using encryption.
URL begins with http://
URL begins with https://
It uses port 80 for communication It uses port 443 for communication
Unsecured Secured
It does not follow any authentication during its communication. It uses secured way to communicate.
Operates at Application Layer Operates at Transport Layer
No encryption Encryption is present
No certificates required Certificates required
HTTP performs its operation in application layer. HTTPS performs its operation in transport layer.
Performance wise it is bit faster. It becomes slower due to the encryption method used in SSL.
It has the ability to cache. Hence it is user friendly It does not allow to cache thus many websites avoid using it

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