Difference Between mysql and mysqli

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Yesterday I attend the telephonic interview to web development post. The interviewer ask somany questions related to PHP, MYSQL, WordPress, JavaScript, jQuery etc. Almost every questions I answerd. But the interviewer ask one important question What is the Difference Between mysql and mysqli. I can’t give the correct answer to him. Here I share useful information related to this topic.

The mysql is the old extension. The mysqli is an improvement over the old extension of mysql. The i in mysqli stands for improved . Mysqli has many advantages and features available than mysql.

Key benefits of mysqli over mysql extension

  1. mysqli over mysql, benefits of mysqli: Since MySQL 4.0, there is a library available that can be used to run a complete MySQL server embedded inside a program, usually a desktop application.

  2. Object-oriented interface: Mysqli support object oriented concept. The OOPs concept support only mysqli.
  3. Enhanced debugging capabilities: For save debugging information into a file using mysqli_debug(…).
  4. Prepared Statements: The mysqli prevent SQL Injection and also helps to excecute faster.
  5. Support for Transactions: This is really useful to write robust applications. It gives you the ability to write a group of SQL statements that will either be executed or all rolled back

  6. Multiple Statements: With this “feature”, you can execute multiple SQL queries inside only one “mysqli” call. This reduces the round trips between the database server and the PHP server

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