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How to Delete Data from MySQL with Confirmation in PHP

Good Moring to all,
All are familure with how to delete data from databse using php page. But nobody try to develope delete data from mysql database with confirmation.
In here, now we discuss how to delete data from mysql database with confirmation in PHP.. We solve this problem with simple step in same page.

In the previous article shows how to insert the data to mysql database. For delete operation we use the existing database and table. for perform this operations, first we select data from mysql database.

Select Data From Database

First we fetch the data to php page from mysql database. I hope you know very well that how to select data from database , so i come to the point. First of all select the data from database table and display it on page.


From the above code, first we include database connection to php page. And then select all the datas from ‘tbl_users’ table. Then display the datas into table field.

Delete data From MYSQL database with Confirmation

We already fetch the data from MYSQL database and display into table. And we just add the delete button into table with actions.

We add one column in existing table for delete operation. In here, we click the button or image then call the javascript function delete_id.
And pass the database fiels id to function. In function the confirmation will occur and if the confirmation is true then the action is performed like as follows.


Full code

If anyone has doubts on this topic then please do let me know by leaving comments or send me an email.

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