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Insert Image Into Database and folder in AngularJS, PHP, MYSQL

Good Afternoon…
I got a query from my blog viewer How to upload images in database by using PHP and angularjs. He tried a lot of time but he can’t upload. Based on this request I try to solve this problem I can find the solution. And here I explain how to solve this situation with full code.

AngularJs is very helpful in web application. We can develope the application using angularjs with the help of php and mysql database.Angularjs can communicate to server to insert or fetch the data from database. The previous article describe how to insert the data to database, fetch the data, update the data, delete the data. In this article describe only how to insert the image file into database and specified folder using angularjs, mysql and php.


From the above code we can clearly say that, there are two part header part and body part. In header/head tag we specify the angularjs operations and angularjs library. In body part is the design part, in here we specified input tag as file because we upload the file like image.


From the above code, variable conn is used for database connection. From there the angularjsoperation is the databasename

If anyone has doubts on this topic then please do let me know by leaving comments or send me an email.

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