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Invalid license key: Invalid cPanel login error

Sometimes when we login to our cPanel, we may get an error that says ‘Invalid license key: Invalid’ , the theme that you have for the cPanel might be the reason behind it or you may have to check this first as a part of troubleshooting. The default theme of cPanel is called the X2 theme, changing your theme to X2 may probably fix the issue.

You can change the theme by type-in ‘change style’ in the search box of your cPanel or you can also change it from your WHM control panel and the steps for that are shown below.

1. Login to your WHM control panel

2. In the search box of it, type-in ‘modify an account’, select the same from the drop-down Menu

3. Select the cPanel account for which you have to change the theme, click on ‘modify’ button 4. Select the theme X2 (or the theme you have to put) which is the default theme of cPanel

5. Scroll down the page and click on the ‘save’ button.

Try to login to the cPanel and check the issue now.

That’s it 😉

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