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JavaScript Libraries for Building Interactive Map

Hi Friends,
In prittytimes, most of the articles are related to web based application like javascript, jquery, html, php,css etc.
Here I share article related to interactive maps using javascript.

There are many javascript libraries are available JavaScript Libraries for Building Interactive Map.They are:

  1. amMap
  2. Turf.js
  3. Planetary.js

  4. Leaflet
  5. GMaps
  6. Kartograph
  7. D3.js
  8. jHere
  9. Cesium
  10. DataMaps
  11. Stately

  12. MaPlace.js
  13. SmallWorld.js
  14. Cartographer
  15. Polymaps


The amMap helps you to use to add interactive map functionality to your web pages or web site easily. It is a JavaScript based application. You can use this amMap tool to show locations of your honme, offices, create your distributor map, routes of your journeys etc.
It works on all modern browsers and platforms.

Main Features:

  • Customize every detail of your map – colors, sizes.
  • Use it as zoomifyer to display big pictures.
  • Create multi-level structures.
  • Set the start-up zoom level and position.

  • Create map charts (heatmaps).
  • Load icons or photos on top of your map.
  • Draw lines and add text.
  • Use your own custom map textures.


Turf.js is a JavaScript library for spatial analysis. It helps you aggregate, analyze, and transform data in order to visualize it in new ways.
It is written in JavaScript .


The planetary.js is a JavaScript library. It is used for building awesome interactive globe. It uses TopoJSON and D3 to render and parse geographic data.
It uses a plugin-based architecture.


The leaflet is a modern JavaScript library. It is mobile-friendly interactive maps.

Leaflet has the most usage interaction features both for desktop and mobile browsers.

5. GMaps

It makes customizing and adding Google Maps a breeze. It easy to consume the Google Maps API. GMaps is compatible with JSON formatted data.
GMaps is compatible with JSON formatted data which you can utilize to integrate your map with a particular app, like Foursquare.


The Kartograph is a framework for creating interactive maps. The interactive maps provided without any mapping services like google map.
It is a lightweight framework for generating SVG maps.


It is a JavaScript library used for manipulating documents based on data. This is for binding arbitrary data to the DOM using SVG.
D3 use is quite varied including for building a highly interactive map.


It is a simple but powerful map API. You can easily add interactive maps into your application using jHere.


The Cesium is a open source JavaScript library. It is used for creating 2D and 3D globe-type maps in a web browser.
It has support for 3 different views: 2D map, 3D globe, and 2.5D Columbus View.


It is SVG-based, relies heavily on D3.js and can scale to any screen size. If building a map with D3.js is overwhelming, you can use DataMaps.
It helps to display any data interactively and beautifully inside maps.


Stately is JavaScript library . The stately is developed to generate US maps using only CSS and HTML. The library is comparably lightweight considering that you can add interactive elements on top of your generated maps.


It is a small google map javascript plugins. That helps you to embed Google Maps into your website. It works in all browsers.
t requires Google Maps API v3 and jQuery.

13. SmallWorld.js

Smallworld.js is a utility for generating simple map previews with GeoJSON and HTML5 Canvas. It has no dependencies, and comes with a simple wrapper for use with jQuery and Zepto.


The Cartographer is a javascript library. It is used for creating thematic maps on Google Maps which supports custom styling.


It is a free javascript library. It is used for creating interactive and dynamic maps in all modern web browsers. It supports multi-zoom datasets.

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