JavaScript Libraries for Creating Circular Charts

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Today we discuss one different topic related to “JavaScript libraries for creating circular charts”.
Almost every web application uses charts to represent the data in visualize. It provides the information user-friendly.

The main advantages of using JavaScript charts are: interactivity, retina display and multiple chart types etc…

There are different useful JavaScript chart libraries are available. They are:

  1. JSCharting
  2. Morris.js
  3. gRaphael

  4. jqPlot
  5. ECharts
  6. Circle
  7. JSGraphics.js
  8. CircleDonutChart
  9. jQuery Kontrol
  10. Chart.js

  11. Circliful
  12. Cake Chart
  13. Google Chart
  14. Peity
  15. 1. JSCharting

    JS charting is a JavaScript based charting. It is most comprehensive library. It provides several types of charts without writing bunch of codes.

    With JS Charting Library you can create almost every type of chart like radar, pie, clip, gauge, splines, circular charts, donuts column charts, stock and finance charts, scatters and pies charts etc.


    The morris.js is the library that powers the time-series graphs.


    The gRaphael help you create stunning charts on your website. The gRaphael is based on Raphaël graphics library. It currently supports Opera 9.5+, Safari 3.0+, Firefox 3.0+ and Internet Explorer 6.0+.


    jqPlot is a charting and plotting jquery plugin. The jqPlot produces beautiful bar, line and pie charts


    It is a comprehensive charting library.The interactive charts can easily adding to your products.
    ECharts currently supports column, pie, line, map and force-directed chart types,scatter,gauge, funnel, radar, candlestick, chord, many of these can be combined in one chart.


    The circle generates circular graphics. It is small javascript library. The circle is a lightweight javascript library

    7. JSGraphics.js

    It is a JavaScript vector graphics library.
    The main functions are ellipses (ovals), to draw circles, oblique lines, polylines and polygons dynamically into a webpage.


    This library helps to display the circle donut from your parameter. The display the circle donut performed by writing an SVG graphic into a provided DIV element.
    When it changing the values of a circle it follows smooth animation.

    9.jQuery Kontrol

    The jquery kontrol is a JavaScript jQuery library of UI controls.It also have mousewheel, touch, keyboard events implementation.


    The chart.js is an object-oriented client side graphs for developers and designers. Visualise your data in 6 different ways.
    Each of them look great, fully customizable, and animated, even on retina displays


    It is a jQuery plugin. It is used for showing circle statistics

    12.Cake Chart

    It is used for create interactive multi-layer pie charts.

    13.Google Chart

    Google chart tools are simple to use, powerful, and free.


    The peity is a simple jQuery plugins. It converts content into a simple svg mini pie line

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