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Hide the row data on click – jQuery

Hi all,
Welcome to jQuery application development. The jQuery is very simple and easy can understand. The jquery is lightweight library.
jQuery is one of the most useful and important javascript framework. It’s helps you, your code support cross browser. The main advantage is cross browser compatible.

We can develope many application using jquery. Here I describe how to remove or hide the row data on clicking using jquery in PHP or HTML.

We can hide the row data on clicking in jquery . Its more help for removing the row data in PHP using jquery. And also we can add new row in jquery upto the limit or infinity.

Source Code

From the above code: I describe how to hide the table row using ID on click. Its very easy method.
The “hide_template” is the row id and “hide_row” is a button or image id. On image clicking hide the row using jquery.

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