Most Frequently Asked Questions by WordPress Beginners

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Web development using wordpress content management system is very useful for developers to customize your site easily. In here all the levelof questions for beginners and advanced developers described.
In this article, we will share most frequently asked questions by WordPress Beginners with answers.

Question 1: What is wordpress?

Answer: Worpress is a open source content management system. It’s also free of cost. It is built on PHP/MySQL (which is again Open Source) and licensed under GPL.

Question 2: How safe is website on WordPress?

Answer: The website is safe, protect your site from unwanted resources or hackes. Keep updating the latest version of WordPress to avoid hacking.

Question 3: Are there any limitations to a WordPress web site?

Answer: I think there is no limitations reported yet. You can use WordPress for membership sites, e-commerce sites, photo galleries and any other type of site you can think of.
The web site is created using the same html code as any other site so there are no limitations there either.

Question 4: What are the positive aspects of wordpress?

Answer:Few positive aspects of wordpress are:

  • In-built SEO engine
  • Easy installation and upgrade
  • Flexibility

  • Easy theme system
  • Multilingual- available in more than 70 languages
  • Flexibility and Easy publishing option
  • Own data- no unwanted advert on your website

Question 5: What are the rules that you have to follow for wordpress plugin development?

Answer: List below some basic rules for developing wordpress plugins. They are:

  • Create a unique name
  • Create the plugin’s folder
  • Create a sub-folder for PHP files, translations and assets
  • Create the main plug-in file and fill in header information

  • Create activation and de-activation functions
  • Create an uninstall script
  • Create a readme.txt file
  • To detect paths to plugin file use proper constants and functions

Question 6: I don’t see the Plugins Menu in my Admin Panel

Answer: If your blog is hosted on the free platform, you do not have the ability to add plugins.
If you do not have administrator level account on your WordPress installation, then you will not see the Plugins tab. These are the reason the plugins menu is not visible in wordpress admin panel.

Question 7: How to speed up site loads?

Answer: First thing you need to do is consider adding a caching plugin to WordPress. We use and recommend W3 Total Cache. Another thing you can do is use a Content Delivery Network provider. We use and recommend MaxCDN (See our infographic about What is a CDN and Why you need it). You should also consider using a better web hosting provider. Shared hosts are usually slower.
If you are receiving a lot of traffic, then you should consider moving to a VPS or a Dedicated server.

Question 8: How can I setup Email Subscription- wordpress Blog?

Answer: using FeedBurner or MailChimp

Question 9: How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress?

Answer: Free plugin called Contact Form 7 which is great for most basic contact forms.

If anyone has doubts on this topic then please do let me know by leaving comments or send me an email.

3 thoughts on “Most Frequently Asked Questions by WordPress Beginners

  1. Jean-Hugues Bretin

    Wow very nice information you shared . I hope some more tips for how install words, managing website over wordpress in future too.

  2. Mark Wahlberg

    I had a techie create my wp website and then hand it over to me. He kept the hosting and domain name registered. Ive recently taken over the registration of my domain and hosting but now cant access my website. Do i need to create my own account in wp to now access my website? What have i missed?

    1. Pritty

      You will need account login information for your web hosting and domain registration accounts. You will also need admin login details for your WordPress website. With WordPress admin login you can enter your website’s admin area and manage your website. From your web hosting account you can manage the hosting of your WordPress website and troubleshoot issues.


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