Create a WordPress Post

WordPress display different types of content with different title. Each item of such content is generally called as post. Adding post into your blog, first login admin panel and go to Posts then click ‘add new’. Post are displays reverse order in your home page. On this page you will …

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How to Concatenate String in Javascript

How to concatenate string in Javascript. Concatenate one or more string in javascript. It is done using the following methods The addition operator ( + ) The assignment operator ( += ) The built-in concat method Method 1 : Using + Operator Simple and easiest way to concatenate one or …

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Declaration – HTML

Good Morning to all, Today I share one useful topic related to <!DOCTYPE html >. The doctype declaration is <!DOCTYPE html> should be the very first thing in an HTML document, before the tag and is case-insensitive in html syntax. <!DOCTYPE html> goes at the top of every HTML5 page. …

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