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Today one important topic for web developers related to PHP tools. Somany tools are available in PHP for developers. The web developers fully aware with latest tools and tecnology. The clients needs and requirements are very important in web developers.

PHP is one of the open source server scripting language. In here, I’ll share you some of the best php tools and needs that are transforming the way PHP developers how to building a web site..

  • CLImate
  • PHAP
  • Phred

  • Snappy
  • Php-sass
  • xmPP Error
  • Oh My ZSH
  • Simple Test

  • Phing
  • phpDocumenter 2
  • PHP Beautifier
  • Twig

1.CLImate: The CLImate helps you to easily output the colored text. It also helps special formatting. It provides the output to the terminal cleared and also debugging a lot simpler.


2.PHAP: PHAP helps you to write native mobile apps using PHP. It mainly used for functionality and HTML or CSS for UI


3.Phred: Phred is an open-source initiative aimed at providing PHP with a consistent, completely object-oriented coding standard that enjoys a comfortable API for creating modern-day web applications with native support for Unicode, with components for internationalization and localization, clear-cut fundamental data types focused on performance and reliability, enhanced testing and debugging, and other features.


4.Snappy: Snappy mainly used in PHP5. It used for snapshots or PDF generation from HTML page or URL.


5.Php-sass: Php-saaa is a pure php Sass to compiler.

6.xmPP Error: The XMPP/Jabber messages helps to reporting the lightweight PHP error and tracking tools.

  • It helps to Sending error messages of any level.The error message like any error, warning, notice etc.
  • Excluding certain error types or files from generating a message
  • Tracking of functions and their arguments or variables throughout the script to identify procedure paths taken and variable changes
  • Millisecond-timing of all steps
  • In-process errors from the start of the script until shutdown


7.Oh My ZSH: The Oh My ZSH is an open source tool for PHP web developers.


8.Simple Test: The simple test is the good automated testing solution. It allows developers to write unit test using familiar PHP syntax. For testing the simple test is user-friendly approach.

The Simple testis a unit-testing platform for PHP applications.


10.phpDocumenter 2: phpDocumenter 2 is one important tools in PHP for developers. This tools used to makes it possible to generate documentattion directly from your PHP source.

PHP DOCUMENTER is a documentation tool for your PHP source code. The main features are: output in PDF, HTML, XML DocBook and CHM formats, both a Web-based and command-line interface

11.PHP Beautifier:

PHP Beautifier is a PEAR package for “beautifying” and automatically formatting PHP 5 and PHP 4 source code.

12.Twig: Twig is another PHP tools for developers. Twig is a flexible for PHP. It helps secure and fast templating engine for PHP. The Twig allows the developer to define its own custom tags.


Twig is flexible, secure, fast and modern templates engine for PHP. This allows the developer to define its own custom filters and tags , and create its own DSL.

If anyone has doubts on this topic then please do let me know by leaving comments or send me an email.

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