PHP Video Sharing Scripts for Developers

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Today we discuss one important topic related to PHP Video Sharing Scripts for Developers. In here i list of ten PHP video sharing script for developers.

Following video scripts allow you fast and easy video display, upload videos and music, list generator.

Let’s explore more about these PHP Video Sharing Scripts below.

  1. Video List
  2. Medians
  3. TV Video Subscription
  4. Youtubify

  5. MediaShare
  6. MediaCloud
  7. Vimeo Automated Portal
  8. Gold Movies
  9. Hell Video CMS
  10. King Media

1.Video List: The best places to find the videos is Youtube. But today it contain much “noise”.
This is why started working VideoList. This application allows you to have easy, simple and fast, list generator, a video display, and a tool for social sharing all lists of videos that do.
And also this application is easily configurable. In addition, you can insert adsense advertising in areas of more user activity.

2. Medians: The multimedia PHP marketplace is Medians.
The user can buy or sell their own medias online.You can upload your Photos, Videos, Music from PC or you can grab them from the most popular site like and here are some of what you can do with Medians

  • Grab single video from YouTube
  • Grab channels videos from YouTube
  • Grab Single track from SoundCloud

  • Grab Playlist tracks from SoundCloud
  • Grab User tracks from SoundCloud


  • Media simple marketplace
  • Users can upload premium or free media
  • Paypal payment gateway
  • Users can buy media from their credit

  • Users can get money by request it from admin
  • Social media login [Facebook – Twitter]
  • Social share for media
  • Custom pages
  • Full ajax
  • Channels / Members system
  • Chat system
  • Uploading files
  • Grabbing from YouTube or SoundCloud

  • SEO ready
  • Template engine to create your own theme
  • Multi-language
  • Grab single video / channels videos from YouTube
  • Grab Single track / Playlist tracks / User tracks from SoundCloud
  • Search system
  • Following system
  • Likes / Comments system

  • Private videos for members only
  • ADS System
  • Multi Administrators
  • Quick player
  • Fully Responsive
  • Awesome design

3. TV Video Subscription:
The TV – Video subscription applications present and arranging your video files within a simple web application system.


  • Simple Backend Create Project & Upload Your Files
  • Easy Frontend Navigate
  • Group of Projects
  • Files Categories

  • Project View Counter
  • Project Like Counter
  • Project Download Counter
  • Social Media Share Button
  • Publish your video
  • Payment subscription video
  • Free video

4. Youtubify: It is ajax based application. It allows you to create your own music streaming websites.
No browser page refreshes when navigating through the application.

5.MediaShare: In here,the users to upload videos from your own computers or you can share a link to a video from another video portal.


  • Nice UI
  • Frineldy and SEO urls
  • Mobile Responsive
  • User system
  • Video upload from PC (need FFMPEG)
  • Likes system
  • Comments system
  • Reports system
  • Search engine

6.MediaCloud: MediaCloud helps you to build an Intractive Video CMS Depending on Importing Videos From Multi-Sources such as YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion (Automatically & Manually).

7.Vimeo Automated Portal
vimeo automated portal builds your video cms that depends on videos quickly and easily. This includes myriad of features as unlimited categories, unlimited pages, responsive design using bootstrap 3, use lazyload for image to speed the page loading.

8.Gold Movies: The gold movies is awesome and simple movie script. You can easily search and watch your movie.

9. Hell Video CMS The Hell Video CMS helps you to create your own video websites. You can add unlimitted post, videos, pages toyour sites.
This script was written using the amazing Laravel PHP framework.

10. King Media The King Media is another great script for image upload share from RRLs, Vimeo, YouTube, facebook etc.

If anyone has doubts on this topic then please do let me know by leaving comments or send me an email.

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