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Reset Auto-Increment – MySQL

Good morning to all,
Here I going to demonstrate how to reset auto-increment value in MySql. Assign to auto-increment attributes to a column of a table, to generate unique identity for the new row. If new row is inserted it incrementsthe value one.

Whenever you insert a new row into a table, MySQL automatically assigns a sequence number to the auto-increment column. For example, if the table has 5 rows and you insert a new row without specifying the value for the auto-increment column, MySQL will automatically inserts a new row with id value 6.

Some times you want to reset auto-increment value in mysql, first create table and insert the values to database after that we try to reset the AUTO-INCREMENT values in mysql.

Insert some sample data into Employee_table.

Now Employee_table is created and three rows inserted into it.

The table like:

select * from Employee_table;

Employee_Id Employee_Name Employee_Age
1 Ammu 24
2 Appu 21
3 Achu 45

Let’s check Delete all the records in Employee_table.

delete FROM Employee_table

After delete all the data from Emplyee_table, now if you insert any new value it auto-increment the value to 4. For solving this problem we reset the auto-increment values in mysql

How to Reset Auto-Increment In MySql

To reset the auto-increment values in mysql table using three method. They are:

  • Method 1: Alter Command
  • Method 2: Truncate
  • Method 3: DROP TABLE and CREATE TABLE statements.

Method 1: Alter Command

To reset MySql Auto-increment through Alter Command.


It resets the auto-increment value to 1. So can specify any other value as well.

Method 2: Truncate

The TRUNCATE TABLE statement removes all the data of a table and reset auto-increment value to zero.

truncate table Employee_table

Method 3: DROP TABLE and CREATE TABLE statements

DROP TABLE and CREATE TABLE to reset the auto-increment column

DROP TABLE table_name;
CREATE TABLE table_name(…);

If anyone has doubts on this topic then please do let me know by leaving comments or send me an email.

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