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Responsive Accordion with HTML, CSS & jQuery

Create an responsive Accordion with CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery. Accordion toggle is the latest style of toggle. Accordion is mostly using for FAQ and design features. This kind of toggle is make the web page as very attractive ,simple and include more content. Here HTML, CSS & jQuery for accordion. Accordions are mainly used to toggle extra information. They help to organize and de-clutter information.


Table of Content

  • The HTML
  • The CSS

  • The jQuery


The layout is pretty. class ‘content white’ used for style full menu and class ‘accordion-container’, style each accordion menu. The class=’accordion-toggle’ will be the “link(a)” for the accordion. The element that comes directly after that will be the element being toggled by clicking on the previous ‘a’ href in class ‘accordion-container’. Toggled div contain image, paragraph,div all html tags.


The CSS is just doing some basic styling.

The jQuery

It’s really amazing at how simple jQuery can make our lives. This is all that is required for the accordion:


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