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Some useful Exim Commands

Here are some commonly used useful Exim commands.
exim -bp  - shows messages in queue exim -bpc - shows the no.of messages in queue exim -bP  - shows the current configurations of exim exim -bV  - shows the version and configuration file of exim exiwhat   - Finding out what Exim processes are doing exim -qf  - Force another queue run exim -qff - Force another queue run and attempt to flush frozen messages exim -Mvl - messageID View Log for message exim -Mvb - messageID View Body for message exim -Mvh - messageID View Header for message exim -Mrm - messageID Remove message (no errors sent) exim -Mg  - messageID Give up and fail message, message bounces to sender exiqgrep -zi -z : frozen mails only -i : display message IDs only exim -M emailID - Force delivery of one message

Log Files

There are mainly three basic logs for exim. They are:

Mail log : This is the main log file for exim which logs the arrival and delivery of all mails. It mainly tells from the where the mails are coming from, to which
address it is delivered, the hostname of the server and so on. Additional details can be added to this by the feature extended logging in exim.

Reject Log : This will contains information regarding the mails that are rejected due to policy reasons. If an email fails due to some configuration option then it
will be logged in this file.

Panic log : All the serious errors will be logged into this file. By monitoring this file we can understand whether there are any serious issues with exim.

Log line flags
One line is written to the main log for each message received, and for each successful, unsuccessful, and delayed delivery. These lines can readily be picked out by
the distinctive two-character flags that immediately follow the timestamp. The flags are:

<= message arrival
=> normal message delivery
-> additional address in same delivery
*> delivery suppressed by -N
** delivery failed; address bounced
== delivery deferred; temporary problem

Hope the above can help you a bit.

Thank you.

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