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How To Fix CVE-2016-1531Vulnerability – cPanel Server

Hello all, Please do read the article and save your server from the latest known CVE-2016-1531 exim vulnerability. Overview CVE-2016-1531 is most recent vulnerability reported by Exim on March 2, 2016. It affects all versions of the mail transfer agent. We all know that exim is the default MTA (Mail …

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How to install Rkhunter on cPanel Server

Hi, Security is always our concern when we have servers contain very sensitive data. There are many security enhancement tools for Linux/Unix bases systems. We go for firewalls and malware detectors sometimes. Here the Rkhunter is also a tool like that but it’s more powerful than the rest of the …

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Install NGINX on WHM / Cpanel

The NIGIX Admin is integrated with Cpanel, there are lot of advantages of using NGINX as plugin increases your server speed and managing load balance. It can be managed from your WHM panel, it protects server from DDOS attacks too. To install the NGINX Admin, you can follow the below …

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Find MySQL root password cPanel

Hi Guys, This is only a small tip for those use cPanel servers. If you are looking to find the MySQL root password for the server, it’s easy and can be done in a flah of a second. The password is saved in file named .my.cnf under the root directory …

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Invalid License error cPanel

Hi, sometimes when we try to get into the cPanel, we get a message in our browser saying “Invalid License”, the reason is that the cPanel license might be expired, there is nothing to worry in this. You can update the license by following the steps mentioned below. You may …

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Change FTP port cpanel

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, it is a standard protocol used to transfer computer files from host to another over a network. We normally use any of the FTP clients to transfer files using this protocol over a TCP based network such as Internet. The FTP uses a port …

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Invalid license key: Invalid cPanel login error

Sometimes when we login to our cPanel, we may get an error that says ‘Invalid license key: Invalid’ , the theme that you have for the cPanel might be the reason behind it or you may have to check this first as a part of troubleshooting. The default theme of …

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Accessing cPanel

Hi Guys, We can access the cPanel of our website in any of the following methods. Type-in https://IP-of-your-domain:2083 in the address bar of your favorite internet browser. You can also try accessing it       by type-in http://IP-of-your-domain:2082 for non-secure connections.Once your domain is propagated globally, you will be able to …

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