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Netstat Command Linux

The ‘ netstat’ command can be used to know get information like network connections, routing details, interface statistics, and also information about other connections that related to the server. There are many netstat commands with various switches, some commonly used and effective ones are shown below with examples. List all listening and non-listening ports. List… Read More »

Centos 7 kickstart Installation on Virtualbox – Linux

Hello everyone, The ‘kickstart’ installation is nothing but automating the operating system installation process on a machine or system. The method helps to avoid human interaction with the system during the installation process. It’s not possible to install the OS on thousands of systems using the traditional method and in such cases the ‘kickstart’ installation… Read More »

Useful lsof Commands and Switches – Linux

lsof command in Linux: lsof is one of the most powerful tool for all sysadmins to check and analyze processes running on your Linux server. This gives a detailed information about processes running on the server, path to the executables and other library files the process is calling. In other words, it gives a list… Read More »

How to Use lsof Command in Security Analysis – Linux

Hi all, Server security is very important when we run important applications or websites on servers. As a Linux systems administrator enhancing security or finding intruders, hackers etc and block them from taking or destroying our data is inevitable. Security features can be added, there are many applications, tools for this which can alert us… Read More »