Virtual Tour 360 Degree – HTML,JQuery

Hi Friends,
Here I share one important topic related to “virtual tour”. One day I think about, how to implement the virtual tour techniques into our projects like resort,college web site, university web site etc.
I search somany article and software related to these ideas. Now its important in web development. We can implement this into our web site. Now a day, these techniques implemented in somany website like resort, hospital, college, university , game development etc.

We get the clear picture about related area with simple motion effect. Its very helpful and we can add many advantages to “virtual tour” mechanism.

Virtual tour is a lightweight jQuery plugin for creating a 360 degree image viewer with auto play after clicking the arrow. We can move to left or right using arrow controls. Also support stop the virtual tour motion.


Table Of Contents

  • HTML
  • JQuery
  • CSS


Create the HTML for virtual tour

Atelier du sculpteur


Include jQuery library and the jQuery plugin in your Html page


Call the plugin on the container you just created and embed a 360 degree image using ‘img’ option.



Include CSS file for appearance and styling


If anyone has doubts on this topic then please do let me know by leaving comments or send me an email.

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