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Voice Control JavaScript Libraries for Developers

In I share one useful and latest information related to “JavaScript”. The topic is Voice Control JavaScript Libraries for Developers. This library helps you to create voice command into your websites.Main five voice control javascript libraries for developers are described here. They are:

  1. annyang.js
  2. Voix.js

  3. Voice-Commands.js
  4. JuliusJS
  5. PocketSphinx.js


The annyang is a tiny javascript library. The visitor can control your site with voice commands.
annyang has weighs less than 1kb, no dependencies, and is free to use and modify.
annyang understands commands with named splats, variables, and optional words.


The voix.js is a lightweight javascript library. It is used for adding voice command into your sites, apps and games.
Voix.JS is browser compatible and progressively enhancing browsers that support SpeechRecognition, while leaving users with older browsers unaffected.

3. Voice-Commands.js

Voice Command.js is a Simple wrapper for Javascript Speech-to-text to add voice commands.



The juliusJs is a speech recognition library. It actively listens to the user to transcribe what they are saying through a callback.

var julius = new Julius();

julius.onrecognition = function(sentence) {


  • Real time transcription
  • 100% javascript implementation


The pocketSphinx.js is speech recognition library. It is fully written in JavaScript. And runs in web browser.
It does not require any browser plugin and also it does not require flash and does not do any server-side processing.


  • All-JavaScript API
  • Support for Keyword spotting
  • Calls can be made through Web Workers or not
  • Support for Finite State Grammars (FSG) input from JavaScript
  • Supports most of the command-line parameters of PocketSphinx

  • Optional audio recording library for real-time recognition.
  • Support for Statistical Language Models input from files, at compile time

If anyone has doubts on this topic then please do let me know by leaving comments or send me an email.

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