What is a database? What is SQL?

What is a Database?

A database is a collection of data or information. Databases make data management easy. Databases support manipulation and storage of data.
The database can easily be managed, accessed and updated. The databases can be classified based on types of content: full-text, bibliographic, numeric, and images.

What is a Database Management System (DBMS)?

The DBMS is a collection of programs, it helps to control access to the database. Which enables its users to manipulate data, access database, representation/reporting of data .

Types of DBMS


Basically there are four types of DBMS.

  1. Hierarchical – This type of DBMS employs the “parent-child” relationship of storing data.
    This type of DBMS is rarely used nowadays. Its structure is like a tree with nodes representing records and branches representing fields.
    The windows registry used in Windows XP is an example of a hierarchical database. Configuration settings are stored as tree structures with nodes.
  2. Network DBMS – The DBMS supports many-to many relations. This usually results in complex database structures.

  3. Relational DBMS – This type of DBMS defines database relationships in form of tables, also known as relations.
    The network RDBMS, DBMS does not support many to many relationships. Relational DBMS usually have pre-defined data types that they can support.
    This is the most popular DBMS type in the market. Relational database management systems include Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.
  4. Object Oriented Relation DBMS – This type supports storage of new data types. The data to be stored is in form of objects.
    The objects to be stored in the database have attributes and methods that define what to do with the data.


SQL can be effectively used to search, insert, delete, update database records.


SELECT * FROM Members WHERE salary > 30

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