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Server Side Form Validations using PHP

Hi all, In this article we will learn How to Validate Forms Using PHP. The server side form validation is very secure and useful in php code. We implement the form validation in php for registration to site or signup something like that. In the form validation, check input given …

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How to Print backgroound image or color in PHP or HTML

Good Morning to all, After a long time we discuss one useful topics in PHP also in HTMl. It’s very helpful for developers in web development. Everyone familure with print() in PHP and HTML. But nobody try to print background image or color in html page. Print particular div in …

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JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) – Introduction

Good Morning to all, Today we discuss JSON related topic like introduction, advantage, syntax etc. The light-weight text-data interchange format is a JavaScript Object Notation or short form is JSON. It is used to store the information in an organized manner. It helps to transmit data between web application and …

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Share webpage url content in Social media using php and Javascript

Hi all, Welcome to my blog. Today we discuss one useful and different topic related to share webpage url content in social media using php and javascript. In blogging, the social media is very important part. That will grow our site rank. Because we share our blog content through social …

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Restrict Number of Characters with Live Character counter using jQuery

In this post, I explain live character counter using jQuery. This is very simple and useful. Here I implement texarea character counter using jQuery. So you would have seen in various websites where users are not allowed to write messages/comments more than certain number of characters. It show you at …

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Facebook Style Background Image Upload and Position Adjustment

Hi all, I share somany article related to web development. Many people use my article for their professional growth. I got many tutorial requests from my readers related to web development using php, wordpress, mysql, ajax, jquery, javascript etc. From their request, one of my readers asked to me “ …

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How to use Loops in Javascript

Hi Guys, If you want to run the same code over and over again, each time with a different value. Loops can execute a block of code a number of times. There are mainly four types of loops in JavaScript. for : loops through a block of code a number …

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JavaScript Arrays

Hi all, Today we discuss one useful topic related to Javascript Array. An array is an object. This is mainly used to store a collection of items. Arrays become really very useful, you need to store large amounts of data of the same type. You can access the items in …

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Best JavaScript Libraries for Developers

Hi all, Today we are discussing one important and lated topic for developers related to JavaScript Library. A JavaScript library is a library of pre-written JavaScript which allows for easier development of JavaScript-based applications, especially for AJAX and other web-centric technologies. The following JavaScript Libraries are useful almost every purpose …

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