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How to switch between directories efficiently

Working on the Linux command line means switching between a lot of directories. Suppose you are in Directory ‘A’ and then move to Directory ‘B’. When you want to come back to Directory ‘A’, typing the complete directory path for ‘A’ can be cumbersome sometimes. Here’s a simple trick for …

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Mounting a remote file system with ssh.

Although running the scp or ssh command is very command is very convenient, mounting the remote servers filesystem on the local system has solved many problems for me. Here is how this can be done. To mount the remote filesystem to a local Linux workstation, you need to install the …

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Changing port of ftp and ssh

Here is a simple tips to change the default portsof ftp ana ssh. To change the port of ssh,edit the file/etc/ssh/sshd_config and add the following line: port 222 Restart the service of ssh to make the changes effective.Now you need to specify the port number using option ‘-p’ whenever you …

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Disabling USB in Linux

There are various ways by which you can disable a USB mass storage device. Here is how you can disable a USB device by editing grub.conf or menu.lst. Allyou need to do is open the file in a text editor and append nousb as one of the kernel parameters: kernel …

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Ten Open Source Security Tools..

Hi Good Morning, Toady I share one important article related to open source security tools. There are hundreds of open security tools are available. The transition from closed networks enterprise-wide IT networks is gathering speed but naturally raising the alaram about threats like viruses, spyware, adware, malware, rootkits, etc.. These …

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