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How to Rename Uncategorized Category in WordPress

Hi all, If you want to rename the uncategorized category in wordpress or you can rename the existing category name through wordpress dashboard. We can add category, edit category, delete existing category through wordpress dashboard. In this article, we will show you how to rename the uncategorized category or rename …

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Rename Uncategorized Category in WordPress

When you install a fresh copy of WordPress in your local computer or hosting space, it comes with 1 default category, 1 default comment, and 1 default post. This category is named as un-categorized. The name uncategorized can sometimes give an amateurish or unprofessional vibe to your WordPress blog. WordPress …

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How to Add Categories and Subcategories to WordPress

Hi all, In this article, describe you how to add categories and sub-categories in WordPress. WordPress comes with the ability to sort your content into tags, categories and taxonomies. The major difference between tags and categories are: categories can have child categories or sub-categories. STEPS First, go to domainname/wp-admin(eg: http://prittytimes.com/wp-admin). …

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